‘Harry Potter’ star Tom Felton clears up a common misconception about the number of wands in existence

Immediately after discussing his lingering relationship with Jason Isaacs, who played his father Lucius Malfoy, asked Tom Felton maybe even though he couldn’t bring home any of the wands, he wished he could actually take something from the set.


True to his funny nature and good humor, Felton’s first reaction was to turn to the Mandrake prop next to him and pretend for a moment that he was going to take it. He then gave an honest answer that may surprise some fans. “No, I’m really very happy,” Felton said. “I think at that time it would have been nice to have a Nimbus 2000 in the house and so on. But really, again, especially coming back here every time I come back, I’m so thankful we didn’t. Later in his reply, he elaborated on how many wands there were in fact. “We had one wand,” Felton said before correcting himself. “Well, we had two. One is real, and I know it’s mine.” a real stick, because where I dropped it, a small chip broke off from the handle. And the rest was just foam.

It’s easy to forget that real sets and real props were behind the magic of the Harry Potter films. Felton in this interview offered an inside look at the real and routine parts of a fantastically beloved multi-year production.


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