Harry and Meghan’s Netflix Show Reveals Tragic Truth About Prince William and Kate Middleton

Have you ever wondered what Prince William does to blow off steam? He doesn’t show up, now he’s well and truly rooted in dad mode to drink with his old buddies, ride a Ducati motorcycle, or do dog dances in Swiss nightclubs.

He has not been photographed or seen next to an expensive rum cocktail or displaying his discouraging lack of rhythm in positive eras. (His only sign of a hobby these days seems to be his ever-growing collection of velvet blazers.)


But if ever there was a moment when William might want to take up boxing, or get into Mezcal, or spend big chunks of his fortune in the Duchy of Cornwall on a tuxedo, it had to be today. while the world recovers from our first taste Harry and Megan.

The first three endless episodes of the documentary about the Duke and Duchess of Suss*x were released by Netflix on Thursday night EST and were hour after hour of tedious, garish, garish propaganda. The Suss*xes are a love story™ that we are told over and over and over and which they feel gives them every right to vilify anyone or anything that they feel doesn’t support them enough (sometimes painful ) novel.

But today, the day after last night, something has become clear and that in this pathetic saga there is something of a forgotten victim – old William.

After he was, as the eldest son, the one who slipped his mother’s tissues under the bathroom door while she was crying inside; after he tried to support his brother when they were both heartbroken teenagers; after the two men founded a pioneering organization together (the Royal Trust) and rode through South Africa and Lesotho on motorcycles for charity, the now Prince of Wales’s anguish is usually lost when we talk about the Great Megzit Mess and in the face of the Suss*xes. ‘ prime time lament.


Thankfully, his girlfriend and wife Kate, Princess of Wales, has just given a startlingly candid interview with reporters. daily beast, saying, “It’s hard to imagine how devastating the last three years have been for William. The brothers were so close, they had such an incredible bond. It’s impossible to really express what a huge, terrible, constant headache this has been for William in the last few years.”

This buddy then offers a heated explanation of who is to blame for this Shakespearean brotherly tragedy. I’ll give you a hint: she once said that she “lives in the spirit that most things can be cured with yoga, the beach, or a few avocados.”

“The family really blames Meghan for everything. They just f*cking hate her. It’s a huge disaster,” said a friend. The beast.

“The brothers were so close as children. Harry will do anything to be with William. They lost their mom and their dad was really separated, so they had this incredible, incredible connection. Everyone knew this.


“And then Megan showed up. Everyone tried to dissuade him from her, but he didn’t listen, and she just tore him off. The connection is gone, completely gone, and this movie is just the ultimate betrayal. William really, really, really hates both of them right now.

“It’s really toxic and destructive to all of them. After all, they are family, and Megan ruined their entire family life. You have no idea how bad it really is.”

Unfortunately, a few broken cars and a few sun salutations won’t fix this mess.

What was interesting to watch the hugely selling “volume one” of this Netflix “global event” was that William was given only a modest supporting role in Harry’s “truth”. (We get several references to them as “two grieving sons who want to cry and mourn and get over this grief over the loss of our mum”; that “the UK literally embraced me and William as their children”; and that after Diana’s d*ath there was “an expectation to see myself and William in the street”).

There’s hardly anything new on the show other than a literal hoard of snapshots of Harry and Meghan’s family that are put on screen for our curious enjoyment, but the only person Harry double-hit with the finesse of a panzer division was William.


In the first episode, Harry says, “I think a lot of family members, especially men, might be tempted or willing to marry someone who fits the mold and not who you might be.” . destined to be with.”

Then comes the second, and by this point we, the viewers, are going through a long crash course in the insidious ways of the British press and the harassment that Meghan endured in the early days of their relationship. The Duke says: “What people need to understand is that many family members were concerned about what she had to go through, they went through it too.

“So it was almost like a rite of passage. Some family members were like that, but “my wife had to go through it.” So why should your girlfriend be treated differently? Why should you receive special treatment? Why should she be protected?

The most enthusiastic and warmest comments about the family turned out to be not about a drop of Queen Victoria DNA in their veins, but about people he met during his numerous trips to Africa, saying: “I have a second family there. A group of friends who literally raised me.”

Likewise, of Prince Sizio of Lesotho, with whom Harry founded the charity Sentebale, he says touchingly, “It didn’t take long before we became like brothers.”


Look, the royal family usually seems like an emotionally cold group, but how can that not offend, especially William?

Another salt in the brotherly wound was the decision to use footage from the 1995 film Diana. Panorama interview after William made an extraordinarily forceful statement that he should never be played again after last year’s Dyson investigation revealed that the princess had been tricked into taking part.

“Now we all know that she was tricked into sharing this experience, but she was talking about her life experience,” says Harry, seemingly ignoring any concerns about William’s “life experience”.

On top of all that, yes, that’s not all, the Duke of Suss*x repeatedly speaks of Diana in what looks like a definite land grab for her legacy. “My mom made most, if not all, of her decisions from the heart. And I’m my mother’s son,” says Harry about how he fell in love with the avid hugger “Meg”.

The Suss*xes are positioned by “H”, as “Emm” calls him, as the rightful spiritual heirs to the legacy of the former Princess of Wales, and the Duchess as an all-embracing royal rebel whose touchy-sensual approach upsets the constipated palace. . Harry tells us that especially Meghan is Diana 2.0 saying, “You know, I didn’t want history to repeat itself.”

We have a week to wait until some of us are forced to watch three more episodes of the Harry and Meghan show, a chance for us to probably see more of their Montecito mansion and for the couple to preach “their own truth”. wrapped in cashmere and bigotry.

I’m guessing at least one Netflix subscriber won’t be watching; not when he could be looking for Nehru’s sky blue jacket to add to his collection.

Daniela Elser is a writer and royal commentator with over 15 years of experience working with a range of leading Australian media outlets.

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