Harry and Meghan Netflix: Piers Morgan calls documentary ‘wingaton’

Who are the biggest victims in the world right now?

You might think that these are the poor of Ukraine being b*mbed, shot and raped by invading Putin’s barbarians.


Or those whose lives have been devastated by the Covid pandemic, which continues to cause massive d*aths and long-term illnesses.

Or the millions of people struggling financially amid a devastating cost-of-living crisis that is sweeping the globe.

But no. In fact, the biggest victims in the world are Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, a pair of incredibly rich, incredibly privileged, terribly titled narcissists.


If you don’t believe me, just ask them!


Or better yet, force yourself to sit through the first three installments of their nauseatingly self-aggrandizing whining from Netflix.

But be warned: you’ll need a hospital bucket, wipes for when you laugh that loud (not for the reasons our heroic freedom fighter duo intended…) to keep tears running down your face, and a very high boredom threshold.


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Compared to their Oprah moans, which fired mostly false “truth b*mbs” like machine guns, it was a predictable, cliché-riddled, sycophantic snooze feast that fed their tediously familiar tale of a brutally oppressed couple exiled from Britain. nasty racist media, nasty racist royalty and nasty racist public.

These are all disgusting lies.

Harry and Meghan’s romance, engagement and marriage were greeted with ecstatic joy by the three groups they now accuse of being vile fanatics.


I know this because I was in Britain at the time, and on their wedding day I wrote in the newspaper: “A biracial woman from America is marrying a member of the most famous white family in the world. It is difficult to overestimate the significance of this ceremony, which was broadcast live around the world, for blacks everywhere. According to Dr. (Martin Luther) King, it was a day when little black girls could watch TV and sincerely share little white girls’ long-held dreams of one day marrying a prince.”

It epitomized what most people thought at the time, and media coverage was almost universally positive.


However, in the Netflix series, Meghan now says the press has been relentless in their attempts to break her.

“The truth is,” she says, “no matter how hard I try, no matter how good I am, no matter what I do…they will still find a way to destroy me.”

I ask you to.

The media, including myself, only became negative towards Meghan and Harry after they got married, and their behavior became increasingly hypocritical as they preached poverty in tweets on the day she hosted a 500 birthday party. $000 (AU$740,000) in New York using Elton John. a private jet like a taxi service when they lectured us about reducing our carbon footprint and begged to be left alone when they did prime time TV interviews.

No one “destroyed” Meghan Markle.

As this series shows, she very quickly gave up her often boring royal duty to take her handsome British prince back to America to live a life of luxury in a California mansion from where they now make millions of dollars by trashing their families in the very media. which they claim. despise, ruthlessly exploiting the royal titles granted to them by the institution of the monarchy, which they constantly att*ck.

“Unfortunate” Harry and the “family destroyer”

In the documentary, Meghan appears as a grinning, cynical cat who has been given cream to win the lottery, while hapless Harry appears as a distant zombie who now talks Montecito’s strange psychotherapeutic nonsense in an attempt to justify his terrible betrayal of his family and his country.

“I sacrificed everything I know to join Megan’s world,” he says at one point, in what may be the most truthful statement each of them makes in their lengthy hypocritical whining.

Yes, he did.

And I suspect the main reason he now seems so perpetually miserable, insisting that he’s never been happier, is because he knows deep down that he was manipulated by an experienced family destroyer into leaving people. and the country he once loved.

One of the highlights came when Meghan revealed how she called her beloved niece to cancel her wedding invitation because some palace footman allegedly told her.

Who refuses a loved one their special day and instead invites new celebrity acquaintances like the Clooneys and the Beckhams?

Absurd comparisons with Diana

But the most disgusting part of this Netflix series is the constant use of Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana, and the absurd comparisons to his wife.

“A lot of what Meghan is is so similar to my mom,” he says. “She has the same compassion, the same empathy and the same confidence. She has warmth.”


Knowing both women, I can say with confidence that they had absolutely nothing in common.

Where is Megan’s compassion and empathy for her father, whom she disowned when he became “problem” and who recently suffered a massive stroke?

She didn’t even bother to call him to see how he was.

“Meghan doesn’t have a father,” says Harry, who has never met Thomas Markle.

Yes, she is damn good, and he raised her alone for many years. Despite his own mistakes, which he apologized for, the way they both treated him is terrible.

The Suss*xes say they were horribly harassed by the paparazzi, but they use six fake examples of this in the trailers alone, and to be honest, the paparazzi treated me more intensely than anything they showed in the first three episodes.

In terms of their privacy, they spend all their time revealing private text messages and intimate photos, as well as home videos they made 20 months ago, clearly preparing for this show.

And Harry talks about wanting to protect his kids by constantly using them on camera.

It’s all so amazingly hypocritical.

But there’s also something really nasty about it, not least Harry’s mockery of royal men choosing “suitable” wives, which are clearly aimed at William and Kate, and his assertion that the royal family is a bunch of “unknowingly biased racists at the head of a racist country, although they have so far not produced any actual evidence that the royals are racist and it is well documented that Britain is one of the most tolerant multicultural places to live in the world.

They even absurdly try to link Brexit, the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, to alleged racism against Meghan.

“It was a staged reality show,” Meghan says disapprovingly of her and Harry’s engagement interview.

However, this Netflix series is just that, only much worse.

The sad truth is that Meghan and Harry are now nothing more than whiny, delusional self-serving self-serving Kardashians, only with less class, loyalty or brains.

This article appeared in Sun and reproduced with permission.

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