Harry and Meghan Netflix Documentary Trailer Exposes Prince’s Brutal Transition to Queen

In June of this year, Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Suss*x, came to St Paul’s Cathedral in London for a service of thanksgiving to the then Queen. The Duchess was dressed like the world’s poshest private detective, and the Duke looked formidable, like a man who’s just found out that Cadbury cream eggs are no longer available. But there was only one story that worried the audience.

The saga of the second row.


Despite having previously been frontline players in the royal squad, the duo were lumped together with all the cousins, those who were in the double-digit wasteland in the line of succession, while live TV cameras broadcast every blink and twitch. It was an “ooh!” heard around the world, and in this case, revenge was a dish best served through a rigid seating arrangement.

But today we know that during the Suss*xes’ five-day trip to the UK in late May and early June, more than just a show of respect and support for a world leader and Gan Gan made history took place. and still remembered to send Christmas presents to her great-grandson in California.

Looks like they had a job too.


The first trailer for the second ‘volume’ of Netflix’s eponymous Suss*x documentary series has been released (a ridiculous suggestion in itself), and there, to the soundtrack of string music sorting, there’s a series of photos that appear to have been taken by a professional photographer on a family anniversary trip. .


There are two obvious possibilities here. First, Harry and Meghan had the highest standards and wanted only the glossiest, highest quality pictures for their family album of their trip to the UK, which they later decided to include in their document.

Or secondly, while the UK came together to celebrate the Queen’s selflessness and duty (and at a time when Her Majesty was reportedly battling bone c*ncer), the Suss*xes allowed a snapper to infiltrate the royal lands to gather material. who found his way. on world TV screens.


You don’t have to be an ardent monarchist who wears Union Jack panties Monday through Friday to think that’s a bit of a gimmick if it is.

But here’s the fun part: Harry and Meghan did it all, and also filmed a six-hour attempt to overthrow the royal family, assuming it would happen while the queen was alive.

So Harry and Meghan were happy that his grandmother, whom they had previously gone to great lengths to pay their respects to, saw the Duchess joking about curtseying to Her Majesty for the first time; to let the Queen know that they took the photographer to her London home, reportedly without her permission; and for the sovereign to hear Meghan say that leaving the UK “gave us the chance to create the home we’ve always dreamed of” despite the Queen providing them with a mercy and mercy home along with $4.3 million to refurbish it .

Here’s another crappy detail. Not only do we have a series of shots that appear to have been taken inside and on the grounds of Frogmore Cottage, in the first “volume” Harry and Megan we see a photo of the Suss*xes laughing while holding cups of tea in an oddly small room. Keen watchers of the royal family on Twitter have now noticed that this is taking place at Y Bwthyn Bach, the Queen’s own children’s theater, which is now on the grounds of Prince Andrew’s Royal Lodge. (The two-story thatched theater was a gift from the people of Wales to the young Princess Elizabeth in 1932.)


This is after the first episodes. Harry and Megan photos included that appear to have been taken inside Buckingham Palace in March 2020. Last week Telegraph it was reported that the couple were accused of inviting the snapper to the most famous of the royal estates without the permission of Her Majesty, with a source calling it to the newspaper “a genuine violation of the rights of the royal court.”

The irony here is that Harry and Meghan seem more than willing to call lawyers themselves when the media violated their family’s privacy, and yet they themselves seemed happy to violate the queen’s personal space.


This show was not filmed and can be shown with the caveat that it will only be shown after the ten year old soldier has petted his last racehorse and passes away; every quip, criticism and “private” joke was included while the former queen was still on the throne.

(Despite the fact that after the d*ath of a ninety-year-old man, there were reports that the Duke and Duchess wanted the show to be reworked, with Page six reporting in October that the duo had “second thoughts” and that they wanted to “go back to the content they provided themselves,” the source also said at the time, “Netflix supports the filmmakers”).

What’s more, don’t lose sight of the fact that they were ready for Her Majesty to face this storm – and the week before Christmas.

Harry has always tried to maintain the ludicrous nation that Her Majesty and the institution she presided over were easily separable, wholly separate entities; on the one hand, a kind grandmother, and on the other, a sinister institution that seeks to turn the life of the Suss*xes into hell.

But this logic is ridiculously contrived and terribly condescending. In the last year of her life, the queen’s physical health clearly declined, but there was never any doubt that her mind was sharp as a nail.

Unlike other monarchs throughout history who retreated in later years, surrounded only by a dwindling circle of trusted vassals, with all false teeth, liver spots and decrepit deference, the queen was in complete control until the very end. It was not a decrepit, weakened shadow of the former monarch, but a woman who firmly controlled the situation until the very last moment.

I wonder how the Queen would feel watching her grandson and granddaughter stage a new six-hour global campaign aimed not only at the monarchy, but also at the Commonwealth, a voluntary organization that she was immensely proud of? How would she feel to see several of her holdings being used as the backdrop for a blatant Suss*x offensive against the palace? How would she feel, a little over a week before Christmas, being the CEO/mother of a family dealing with the aftermath of the Suss*xes’ latest primetime pajamas?

(Of course, she could not look – as we know, Her Majesty was Job responsibilities fan.)

They say content is king, but in Harry and Meghan’s quest to share their truth and a very lucrative deal with Netflix, where was their vaunted respect for the Queen?

I’ll leave you with this, which can be the absolute pinnacle of irony. At one point, Harry talks about the flood of paparazzi that Meghan faced and says without thinking:

“It is amazing what people will do when they are offered a huge amount of money. Fifty thousand, one hundred thousand to pass on the photographs, to create the story…”

It really is. It really is.

Daniela Elser is a writer and royal commentator with over 15 years of experience working with a range of leading Australian media outlets.

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