Harry and Meghan documentary Netflix: ‘weird’ footage casts doubt on couple’s claim

Within the first minute of the first episode of Netflix’s Prince Harry and Meghan Markle series, the grim Duke of Suss*x appears on screen in a video diary with the words “Windsor Suite, London Heathrow Airport 2020” below it.

“Hi, so we’re here on a Wednesday, something in March, um, we’ve just finished our two weeks, our final push, our final royal engagements. Is it really hard to look back now and understand what the hell happened? For example, how did we get here? He says.


“… Nobody knows the full truth. We know the whole truth. The institution knows the whole truth. And the media knows the whole truth because they were in on it.”

Apparently around the same time, across the ocean and at a luxury property on Vancouver Island in Canada, Meghan is recording similar footage without makeup.

“X is in London and I am here. I don’t even know where to start. I just really want to get to the other side of it all… They are destroying us,” she says with tears in her eyes.

This is a raw and powerful, never-before-published insight into Harry and Meghan’s personal thoughts at the moment of impact, as the world shook with the news of their departure from the royal family.


Considering their rumored $183 million deal with Netflix is ​​about telling their story, it’s very lucky that this footage exists of the literal day Harry left his homeland.

But… isn’t that strange?

By all accounts, including their own, both Harry and Meghan were emotionally crushed and beaten by the time they finally fled to Canada, where they stayed before permanently moving to the US. They thought of self-preservation and healing as they made their way through the flood of notoriety to find shelter and peace on the other side.

They publicly stated that they never intended for their lives to turn out in such a way that they had every intention of working for the royal family before everything became untenable.


It was almost a full year after their departure before reports of their Netflix mega deal began to circulate.

However, from the very beginning, they collected footage – exactly the kind that would be needed for the particular show they shot.

Perhaps anticipating this very observation, Harry tells the interviewer that a “friend” suggested that they “document” themselves “during this period of time”.

“With all this misinformation, especially about us and our departure, it seemed like a really smart idea,” he said.

But this is not evidence collected for the trial. We are talking about emotional video diaries without any specific facts or figures, just footage that gives the color that would be needed for, say, a broadcast deal.


Harry and Meghan have come under fire for their decision to leave the royal family to start a new life in the US. After financially backing the institution (and his dad), a huge part of that, of course, is finding ways to make a living – and this $183 million Netflix check should cover some of the bills.

But fair or not, the problem that many have with this couple is their calm attitude towards the truth. As the Palace politely put it last year, “Memories can be different.”

A perfect example is the many controversial revelations in their Oprah Winfrey high-profile claim, including Meghan’s claim that they were married privately prior to their 2018 royal wedding (which was quickly debunked) and that her passport was taken away (photos of her during time of numerous international trips easily contradicted this).

These small but important details added up and led to the fact that the credibility of Suss*x has been shaken over the years.

And now again question marks have been raised about the truth they are telling us and the reality of the situation.


They offered a rather unexpected level of readiness for the Netflix deal, which, in their own words, only came to their mind after they left royal duties.

There is no crime in them selling access to their lives to the highest bidder – many others profit from it, so why not? – but it seems only fair that if they’re going to tell their “truth” they don’t just highlight the parts they want us to hear.

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