Han Solo Almost Had a Wookiee Wife in Star Wars Holiday Special

Even though George Lucas spent several decades trying to distance himself from the Star Wars Holiday Special, it’s worth noting that he is still credited with sketching the characters and story of the special itself, though most of the writing credit can be attributed to the team that included Pat Proft, Rod Warren, Mitzi Welch, Bruce Vilanch and Leonard Ripps (via IMDb).


And according to Leonard Ripps, Lucas actually told him that Han Solo had a Wookiee wife before going on to claim they wouldn’t be allowed to reveal it in the script. “Lucas told us that Han Solo is married to a Wookiee, but we can’t mention it because it could cause controversy,” Ripps said, referring to mental thread.

The revelation that Han Solo was in fact married to a Wookiee would be without a doubt one of the most shocking moments in the entire franchise – especially since the Star Wars Holiday Special precedes The Empire Strikes Back, where he starts his novel. with Princess Leia Organa (Carrie Fisher). In fact, the specific wording of Ripps’ quote makes it look (at least at the time) like Han Solo. was actually married a Wookiee, at least in Lucas’s imagination, even if they couldn’t show it in the issue itself.

Given the abundance of sarcasm that fans have already poured out on the Star Wars Holiday Special over the years, it’s probably for the best that Lucas’ original idea never made it into the special itself – although one still has to wonder if it was Han Solo’s secret The wife also had such a hilariously stupid name as Itchy or Lumpy.


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