Guy shares mom’s intricately detailed “home for the holidays” email, goes viral with 143K likes.

Food is as essential to any Christmas celebration as air is to our survival on this well-oxygenated planet. In other words, you can’t celebrate Christmas without some sort of over-the-top feast. It is exactly the same.

And as you may have already guessed, the best way to achieve this is through food. a lot. It’s like visiting your grandmother—you can’t leave until you regret 20 pounds of everything. You don’t want to see grandma sad.


Just like that, here we have this mom-of-a-boy’s idea for a week-long vacation at the most famous festivity to man. All are presented to the family in an open-ended email.

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It’s just not Christmas if you haven’t eaten for days in a row, and then you’re wondering what to do with the extra 15 pounds you’ve gained.


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And Khalid Al-Khatib’s mother perfectly summed up the traditional holiday spirit with her “home for the holidays” email that recently surfaced on Twitter.

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The writer Khalid Al-Khatib Recently took to Twitter. to share Something that is sure to put anyone in the holiday mood.

Every year, his mother sends him and his siblings an e-mail that Khalid calls “holiday home.” It’s a sort of agenda that details the family’s activities throughout the holiday season. And when I say DescriptionIn Khalid’s case, it really means that.

The mail is a sort of agenda detailing what Khalid’s family will be doing for the 7 days before Christmas—”90% eating.”

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Image credit: kmelkhat


“An incredibly thorough, detailed look at how it’s possible for me to gain 15 lbs in a week,” Khalid quipped in his tweet. The tweet is complemented by a screenshot of the email in question, which lists different festive activities for each day starting on Sunday, December 18 and ending a week later on Christmas Day.

“I honestly don’t know how or when the emails started, but they’re not just limited to Christmas,” Khaled explained. When asked how this whole e-mail tradition started. “Whenever my sisters and I go home to Iowa, we can expect a solid itinerary like this a week in advance. My mom said she wants to make sure we keep coming back. Obviously, this work.” does.”

The list included everything you could ever want in a Christmas dinner: pizza, tacos, chili, burgers, sundries, beef tenderloins, bourbon, mimosas, and more.

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Image credit: kmelkhat

The agenda is designed almost exclusively to guarantee that every member of the family knows what their diet will be for the 7 days leading up to Christmas. It includes virtually every food and drink imaginable: from pizza, tacos, chili, and burgers to a variety of cheeses and cheesecakes wrapped in beef tenderloins and bacon. From smokies to bourbon and mimosas.

The only real exception to Food rules There is a women’s manicure, which A twitter Hilariously, Khalid was also expected to be invited. Khalid added In response to a commenter That there was also an idea to cool the cookies and give them to the neighbors and then watch a movie. But otherwise, it’s “90% food.”

Everything on this list sounds too good to pass up, but we still had to ask what Khaled is most looking forward to. And she said: “It’s hard to pick, but a lot of my fondest memories are around Christmas Eve and Christmas morning – we still do ‘Santa’ with my mum taking all our presents under the tree. While my sisters and I are sleeping and of course, Christmas Day is a food marathon.

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Now, I don’t know who Bill is, but if a man has a cheesecake named after him, that man sure knows how to make cheesecake. And this is just the beginning as many others, at least, were excited to participate in this chewing marathon.

Many tweeted at Khalid, asking if he could join the festivities in some way — either by getting an invite or, even better, by being adopted by his mother. That email alone generated some buzz, possibly a lot.

Others were just praising how sweet Khaled’s mom is for setting it all up, with some hoping to be like her one day with their own children.

And you bet people now want to be a part of this celebration of epic proportions.

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A little side note: Historically speaking, Christmas dinner is about togetherness and community, and it’s a tradition that’s been around for nearly 2,000 years. Although culinary habits have changed over this period, the basic message remains the same. And the mass amounts were mostly the same.

As a question of Why If you don’t eat at least your weight in food at Christmas dinner, you may be upsetting your mother, there are several explanations. Saint Leo University Marking That it can be a total seasonal stress because they don’t buy gifts themselves (and that’s in addition to normal living struggles).

Another reason could be nutritional deficiencies — like skipping breakfast and lunch and then seven meals plus Bill’s cheesecake. The recommended healthy approach would be to not skip any meals beforehand and not prevent yourself from overeating due to hunger.

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But, back to the topic at hand. Khalid’s tweet quickly took off, garnering over 143,000 likes as well as several thousand retweets and tweets cited. In response to this He tweeted That there are two paths into her family: if you’re the Barefoot Contessa, author and host of Anna Garten, or marrying Khalid, as everyone involved is taken.

In another tweet, Khalid explained that the only two ways you can get in on the action is if you’re Anna Garten, or if you ask Khalid for her hand in marriage.

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Now, all of this still begs the question how is eating So Biologically possible too.?

Khalid says it’s part of his heritage: “I was born and raised in Iowa and my father is Arab. A lot of food is in my DNA.”

She added: “It’s definitely not what I’m used to in New York, but it’s like when I come back to Iowa for the holidays my stomach magically expands like Santa’s bag. “

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Oh, and in case you’re wondering, that short segment “Christmas Eve: Khaled usually decides the menu”—he told he’s going with Anna Garten’s lasagna: “It’s fans. is a favorite of (I’m referring to both my family and. followers when I say fan).

You can view the tweet in context. Here, and be sure to share your thoughts on Khaled’s mom’s celebration plans. And while you’re at it, why not share your Christmas traditions, stories, or times you’ve had to justify eating more than humanly possible in the comment section below!

Oh, and if you want even more Christmas inspiration, you can also check out our recent list of funny Christmas cards.

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