Guy Says Working 40 Hours a Week Is a “Part-Time Job”

If you’re overworked, burnt out, and barely hanging from a thin thread, that’s nothing to be proud of. Part of our modern culture is to see your co-workers engage in polite-bragging matches about who gets the most work done, like being closest to exhaustion leads to gold medals and universal acclaim. If your efforts are not focused and genuine, then I think working yourself to the bone does not lead to success.

This is exactly the topic that people on Twitter and Reddit discussed saw a comment by user Steven Dennis. He was bragging about how he worked 190 hours in 3 weeks and asked anyone to work “part-time” the standard 40-hour workweek. Steven wrote that he laughs at people who feel tired after doing just that. so internet users decided to call her out, You can read what they have to say below.


Personally, I firmly believe that quality work, intense focus and working smart (not hard) should be our priorities. The more efficient our work, the more time we have to spend time with family, relax and feed the ducks at our local park. less is more so to speak. However, I also value discipline and effort. If you have grand ambitions, have found your calling, or have a favor (or two!), you also need to be willing to work more hours. Generally, over 40. But look at me here, back and forth! The most important thing is what you think, dear pandas. How many hours per week do you work and how many hours do you think we should all work? Tell us in the comments.

Twitter user steven sparked a heated discussion after bragging about how much work he did and criticizing less work

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Others called him out for his arrogant remarks


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here’s what steven said in response

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A lot of Twitter users thought it was wrong that Steven dedicates his entire life to work.


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Steven reveals some more details about his job

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People thought it was ridiculous to brag about working so much

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Some Internet users have suggested that Steven may be overworked, underpaid, or even have a form of Stockholm syndrome because he feels the need to defend the fact that he is working for his company. Works great for .

Others highlight the fact that some people work themselves to the bone and are loyal to companies that can replace them at the snap of a fingertip. They argue that it’s not worth sacrificing your health and time spent with your loved ones for people who will never return your feelings of loyalty.

Hard work and endless hours in the office alone may not be enough to move forward. Economic forces can make it difficult to move forward.

“We had the global financial crisis that caused many millennials to work who were displaced. When the economy recovered, it changed structurally, and many quality jobs were lost,” explained Eddie Ng, the Smith Professor of Equity and Inclusion in Business at Queen’s University. bored panda that the 2008 financial crisis created a new type of economy,

The crisis led to precarious jobs, the gig/sharing economy and the rise of digital labor. This, in turn, led to an increase in income and social inequality. This disparity was further deepened by the Kovid-19 pandemic.

Professor Ng noted that some racial groups fell into poverty traps and found it difficult to break out of it, without the resources to access training and education.

“Labourers work more hours with less pay to survive. This leaves little time to pool the resources needed to upgrade or remodel skills for the new economy. This is the poverty trap that I mentioned,” said the professor.

In the meantime, here’s how Reddit users reacted to Steven’s Twitter comment after it spread across the net.


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