Guy opens eyes after Mayfield tornado, viral with 155K upvotes

While nature can be an object of beauty and wonder, it can equally be an element of destruction.

On the night of Friday through Saturday, the severe storm unleashed an absolutely devastating tornado in parts of Central and South America. One of the many locations hit was Mayfield, Kentucky.


Words cannot describe the tragedy that has happened in this city, which is now mostly in a dilapidated condition. But the photos can definitely try. An amateur photographer captured some breathtaking photos of how hard the city had been hit, which got many people talking online.

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A tragedy is hard to put into words, but pictures have a lot of power, and this man pulled it off with his now viral photos

image credit: ok-structure5772


According to CNNMany tornadoes were causing havoc in many states of Central and South America. They destroyed a consumer products candle factory in Kentucky, an Amazon warehouse in western Illinois, and a nursing home in Arkansas, affecting several other locations such as Mayfield, Kentucky.

In Kentucky alone, it is reported that more than 70 people may have died during these tragic events.

Sean Triplett, Mayfield resident and amateur photographer with bored panda Stay in touch, share 8 heart-wrenching photos of the aftermath in the r/Pics section of Reddit.

Mayfield resident Sean Triplett took 8 photos after the Mayfield, KY tornado


image credit: ok-structure5772

image credit: ok-structure5772

“This tornado was the longest continuous tornado in US history. It traveled across 4 states and 250 miles,” explained Sean. “The tornado was rated EF4 and was about a mile wide.”

“It hit the city of Mayfield directly, taking out much of the city along with it, along with the industrial area and many neighborhoods. It displaced hundreds of families and countless jobs.”


If you are wondering what EF4 is tornado, wind speeds reach 166–200 miles (or 267–322 kph) per hour, and are assessed as having catastrophic damage. Think trees partially trimmed, cars thrown into the air, frame houses completely destroyed and some washed away, and moving trains blown off railroad tracks.

Her pictures soon found their way onto Reddit, where she struck a chord with many

image credit: ok-structure5772

image credit: ok-structure5772


In Sean’s photos, you can see just that: buildings flat, cars damaged, rubble and rubble everywhere. One particular picture spoke a great deal—a picture in a movie theater from the viewer’s perspective, an empty cinema with a heart-wrenching scene of devastation completely composed of where the screen used to be.

This and 7 other photos resonated a lot with the Reddit community. Within 12 hours, the post already had over 130,000 upvotes, and according to this article, it has over 155,000. The post also managed to garner over 1,300 Reddit awards.

“My picture is emotional. To be honest, when I saw it later, I cried. It stops you in your tracks. It helps people understand how bad it can be and how good it can be for them as a result,” Shawn said of his photos.

The post garnered over 130k upvotes within 12 hours of posting, and over 155k within a day, garnering 1,300 Reddit rewards along the way

image credit: ok-structure5772

image credit: ok-structure5772

image credit: ok-structure5772

Sean’s home was a few miles from the affected area and both he and his family are safe. But he is not sitting empty. Soon after their photos were circulated, they also started a tornado relief initiative for children from affected families, something positive with Christmas in a very dire situation.

It first started as a Post on reddit, which is one of many positions on facebook that caused a complete stir gofundme,

He also posted this comment to thank everyone and to clarify a few things

image credit: ok-structure5772

“I decided to raise money for the children who lost everything in the loss. Many children are living in shelters, in temporary government housing, or with friends and families. What we are doing is raising funds. I go to Walmart everyday to buy toy trucks. Walmart has also agreed to offer us a 25% discount on all purchases. Then we’re going to gift wrap the toys, I’ll dress up as Santa, and we’ll hand out the toys to the kids who need them most,” he elaborates on the fundraising page.

So far, he’s managed to raise $10,000 independently, but the funding campaign should raise it even more. As of this article, over $5,000 has already been raised. This is in addition to supporting other businesses in the community, such as shoe sensation And Woobies Shoes, have provided,

People had nothing but praise for Sean, the post garnered over 3,000 comments

“I was honestly hesitant to share the pictures. If it wasn’t for a friend who encouraged me, I would never have done this,” explained Sean. “I assumed some people would like them, but the immediate support I received is overwhelming. I’m glad everyone can take it like I did. My goal is to bring attention to the situation and possibly achieve something.” Had to do Donation For my toy drive. ,

People on Reddit gave some extremely positive feedback, especially on the picture of the movie theater. Many people have said that although Sean considers himself only an amateur, he should give himself more credit as the photos look so well made and professional.

Others also commented on how well they explained the severity of the disaster, well enough to draw attention to the issue and possibly inspire people to act. In any case, he deserves a medal. or 1,300.

Other internets also pointed to the real consequences of the disaster in the country

image credit: DSnig

image credit: stormchasing

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You can see the full post Here, And while you’re at it, why not go gofundme And earn some karma by donating to kids in the Mayfield area and bringing a smile. Lastly, let us know your thoughts on all this in the comments section below.


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