Guy Gerber tells us about a selection of music from his label Rumors.

The GUY GERBER’S Rumors imprint continues to impress and the Israeli DJ/Producer’s next well known label has the same quality we’ve come to expect over the years.

The new music released today comes from core Rumors family member Juan Yarin from his Lovefool EP. Juan’s latest emotional deep house record on the label was last year’s Venice Beach EP.


Lovefool opens with goosebumps of piano chords layered on soft, deep house drums. Delicate vocals complete the most majestic groove.

The Guy Gerber remix is ​​a stylish modification of the original, leaving the piano chords in place and slightly boosting the drums. All this makes you deep in thought and makes listening truly wonderful. Paradiso then picks up the pace with a more direct house sound, this time with low bass and icy hi-hats adding detail alongside elegant synth prowess. Lina ends with some heady, hypotonic house filled with late night atmosphere and swirling cosmic tones.

Juan says about liberation:

“I am proud to announce that my new EP Lovefool will be released on November 25th. Lovefool has already been played by famous artists such as Keinemusik at Burning Man 2022 and even this release will be promoted on the upcoming European tour. “


This week we caught up with Guy Gerber to celebrate a new release and asked him to put together and discuss with us a playlist of ten of his favorite tracks from Rumors. Grab your copy of Juan Yarin’s Lovefool EP HERE.

Guy Gerber and Dixon – No Distance

First release on the label and a very epic collaboration with Dixon, who I adore. The song is very emotional and was written at Rami’s from Bedouin studio in Brooklyn and then I sent it to Dixon and he came up with this great beat. It still works.


Guy Gerber and Puff Daddy – My Heart

From my 11:11 project with P.Diddy, I love the whole album, which took a long time to make. I wrote this album in Tel Aviv, New York and Los Angeles. Even though I had such a big name as Diddy, I wanted something that was genuinely dedicated to the basics of underground house music.


Juan Yarin – Lovefool

I love everything from Juan. He always sends me new music, but this is definitely his best tune; great song. I love piano melody and vocal parts; very emotional and dreamy.

Guy Gerber – Rainchecks in Montreal


This is my favorite job. There are so many melodic lines here, two guitars, bass, piano and five synths.

Guy Gerber – What to do

Written in Ibiza in 2018 in 45 minutes as I sit on the couch with a small Juno 106 synthesizer. I was very gloomy when the season ended; this melody described what I felt. This is probably my biggest hit and this vocal sample sums up how everyone has felt in the last decade.

Desire – Don’t Call (Revised by Guy Gerber)

Another one of my favourites. This is a remake of my now very close friend Megan, from Desire. Someone who was once a friend of mine told me about this sample, and I did it all while playing a synth part on a laptop keyboard in flight. It really touches everyone who listens to it, especially because the lyrics are amazing.

Seth Troxler – Evangelion

I’m a big fan of Seth and he’s a long time friend of mine. I was just happy that he released this deep version with us.

Guy Gerber – Pyramid of the Moon

I love guitars and spaghetti westerns. Here’s what happened.

Chaim – Blue Shadow

This is one of Chaim’s best songs, timeless. When you listen to this, you think of a summer in Ibiza.

Guy Gerber feat. Albertina – BOKAT

Written in London with Albertina, this song is all about Albertina’s s*xy raw vocals and the lyrics are fantastic. You should check what it actually means in Jamaican slang.

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