Guy blasts his roommate online for catering to his pregnant girlfriend and not cooking some food.

The greatest advantage of being human, which allowed us to evolve from apes to the present state, to build a highly developed civilization, is that humans are essentially social beings. It is the interaction with other people that actually makes us who we are. However, this is also the main issue…

The catch is that somewhere in the process of evolution people acquired a very unpleasant trait – a completely unhealthy egoism, that is, the wants and needs of others in favor of the wants and needs of one’s own or one’s family members. Ignoring the unbelievable. Generally we call such people entitled.


a few days ago, This post AITA was posted to the Reddit community, written by user u/Horizon-Window3675, with, to date, nearly 12K upvotes and over 3.1K different comments, most of which are purely negative towards the author. do However, let’s understand everything in order.

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The author of the post and his girlfriend are expecting a baby even though they don’t live together.


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Therefore, the author of the post and his girlfriend are expecting a child. According to the original poster’s own words, the woman is now four months pregnant, but she’s in no rush to get married, and besides – she’s waiting until the baby is born to figure out her living arrangements. The mother-to-be lives with her parents, and since the OP treats them badly, he doesn’t even visit them.


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A woman usually visits her boyfriend and spends a lot of time at his house.

Now the OP lives with his friend, and his girlfriend usually visits him regularly and spends time in their shared house every day until the evening. And this is the problem that has arisen as the author of the original post himself says.


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The problem was that the mother-to-be is sensitive to the smell of the dishes that the writer’s roommate cooks for her, which makes her absolutely nauseous.

The fact is that OP’s roommate has a special diet, and regularly cooks various dishes for himself, the mere smell of which would make a pregnant woman nauseous. The OP’s girlfriend complained to him about these odors several times and the man finally decided to discuss it with his friend.

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The OP says that he told his roommate not to stop cooking those specific foods either, but to avoid cooking them when the woman is there. However, the father-to-be was blindsided by a completely unexpected rejection. The roommate mentioned that these foods are a staple of her diet, and the OP’s girlfriend already spends a lot of time in her apartment, so she’s actually being told to cut them out altogether. give

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According to the original poster, he tried to work out some sort of compromise with the roommate, but he was adamant. The guy said he was a resident, unlike his friend’s girlfriend who didn’t live there, and also said he couldn’t even consider the request as she stays in their flat about 4 days a week. and usually lasts till 10 p.m.

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The man asked his friend to stop cooking these dishes but he refused.

What’s more, the guy continued, he doesn’t owe the OP’s girlfriend anything at all, and so he won’t compromise his principles. The roommate told the OP to “deal with it” or tell his girlfriend not to come over at all. The father felt insulted, and it all ended in a full ugly fight. Now, according to the author, the roommates aren’t talking to each other, and the housing situation for expectant parents remains tense.

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Most of the people in the comments just berated the author, telling him that he should solve the housing problem as soon as possible.

However, if the original poster was expecting sympathy from people in the comments, his expectations were not met. Also, most interestingly, the main reason for the criticism was that he and his girlfriend have not yet resolved their housing issue, and are waiting for the birth of their child to do so. are doing Most commenters claim that they need to know where they will live before the baby is born.

Some commenters also believe that the author of the post definitely needs to go out as soon as possible. “You need to figure it out like yesterday,” people say. What’s more, he can’t ban his roommate from cooking his usual meals anyway, while his girlfriend doesn’t need to visit him for most of the week, according to people in the comments.

By the way, if the author of the original post thinks that most problems will be solved once the baby is born, he is definitely wrong – the problems are just beginning. For example, just read our post about a new mother who, being the top earner in the family, left her husband to take care of the children and returned to work in the office. And, of course, we look forward to your comments on this particular story below.

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