Gurinder Chadha talks career at Red Sea International Film Festival –

Girinder Chadha revealed in a talk at Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea International Film Festival on Saturday that he had been approached to collaborate on the local version of the 2002 hit film. Bend it like Beckham. During your trip to the fair.

“Are there any Saudi scriptwriters here?” he asked the audience. “I was made a Saudi. Bend it like Beckham. But I need a Saudi scriptwriter so we can write it together.


The Kenyan-born British filmmaker, whose Indian family moved to Britain from East Africa in the 1960s, also speaks Punjabi, but so far all her films have been in English.

However, she spoke about her hopes to pursue her dreams of acting, a feature of the Punjabi language. Manna Bhai MBBS Bollywood veteran Sanjay Dutt.

“I want to make a film in Punjabi and I have a great idea for a film,” she said.


“One of my favorite actors is Sanjay Dutt. I met his sister Priya Dutt and told her that I absolutely love her brother. He told me that he likes to speak Punjabi. And I said, ‘That’s it, I’m going to make a film with him in Punjabi. I have come up with a great idea, now I need a Punjabi script writer, so we can write it together.”


Further to these projects, it was reported by Earlier this week Chadha signed on from Disney to direct an original musical feature, inspired by an animated princess from Indian history.

Chadha did not mention the production in his talk, instead focusing on his journey as a director, having started as a BBC reporter and then a documentary filmmaker.


He explained how his life and worldview were shaped by the fact that his grandfather’s family originally hailed from the Jhelum district of Indian Punjab, which became part of Pakistan after the 1947 partition.

Grandfather had moved to Kenya before partition, with his parents then deciding to move to Britain when Kenya gained its independence in the 1960s.

“Growing up in Britain, we were always more like East African Indians than Indians from India, which means we were immigrants twice. And that’s an important detail because Indians from India are Kenyans. Different from Indians,” he said.

The family home he recalled was the first port of call for many other East African Indians who later moved to Britain.


“I grew up with this amazing cultural support network, but I was also very British. I remember at school, British people didn’t know how to handle it. They would always look at people like me and go, ‘ Oh, poor things. They’re having an identity crisis.

“I was always aware from a young age that other people were putting problems on me. Especially those who were monocultural and monolingual. They had a hard time seeing people who were multicultural and are multilingual because it’s not part of their native language, a whole set of assumptions. Britain has changed a lot since then, they’re accepting it now.


These experiences nurtured his desire to venture into filmmaking to tell different kinds of stories.

“All of my films are very much about taking this cultural experience of being at the intersection of different cultures, different races, but not telling these stories in a difficult way, telling them from my point of view in a very human way, because I love them. embodying everyone. That side, and so I can talk about the problems, but also celebrate the good things,” she said.

“That’s why I think so. Bend it like Beckham. And my other films have traveled very well around the world, especially with Diasporas, because nobody, very few people in the world are narrating it. At least, certainly when I started.

She explained how her desire to tell different kinds of stories made it difficult to get established stars in her early films, a fact that led to her working with emerging talents who have since turned into great talents.

“I’ve started some great careers. I’ve made stars. In Keira Knightley Bend it like Beckham. She came in and auditioned. This was his first big film. French actress Leila Bekhti.. She was inside me. episode of Paris Je t’aime. He just started,” he recalled. “The next James Bond, we hope, is Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who was in my movie. Angus, thongs and perfect snuggling,” she said.

“I had to fight with Paramount Studios who made that movie. I said, ‘I really want to cast this guy. I think he’s huge. He’s going to be a huge talent, a huge star. And they were like, ‘Well, nobody knows who he is’. And I said, ‘I do. But believe me, not yet. And then I cast him,'” he laughs. “And of course, now if that becomes the next bond, I’ll take full credit,” Hoy added.

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