Guillermo del Toro’s ‘In the Mountains of Madness’ may still have hope

Hot on his heels critically acclaimed animated debut“Pinocchio,” said Guillermo del Toro. Indy Wire about his passion for In the Mountains of Madness, and the director also gave a glimmer of hope to fans who were hoping to see the adaptation of the famous Mexican director’s story.


“I said that it would be ideal to make “Mountains of Madness” stop-motion animation,” Del Toro recalled after talking with stop-motion animation master Phil Tippett. “You watch animation more enthusiastically than live action. It is almost a hypnotic act, and thus the relationship to history becomes more intimate,” he concluded.

While this may not be quite the announcement that fans were hoping for for the project, as many are likely hoping that a live version of In the Mountains of Madness can still come to fruition, the outlook isn’t undeniably much better than Del Toro’s vision of the classic Lovecraft fairy tales that never came true.

With Del Toro’s relationship with Netflix steadily growing through his anthology series The Cabinet of Rarities and his new take on Pinocchio, the streaming service seems like the perfect place to bring this project to life. However, fans will have to wait and see if Del Toro can list the project on the Netflix roster anytime soon, or if it even shows up somewhere else.



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