‘Guerrilla Habeas’ Directors Interview On Trump Policy – Contenders Documentary –

From separating families at the border to promises to build a massive wall between the US and Mexico, the Trump administration has taken an aggressive stance against immigrants.

It was these policies that inspired filmmakers Betsy Hershey and Emma Wall to make the documentary. Gorilla Hibiscuswhich focuses on the families of immigrants whose lives were destroyed by these laws and the fearless lawyers and activists who fought to protect them.


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Speaking at’s Contenders documentary panel, Wall revealed why he was called upon to make the film.

“We started this film at a time when I think a lot of us were really shocked by what was going on in the immigration system,” he said. “So we had the Muslim ban at the beginning of 2019, after Trump’s zero-tolerance policy, which was separating families at the border. And we — as many people, I think, in this country — incredibly. felt helpless and hopeless. It felt like these gross injustices, human rights violations, and we didn’t know what to do about it.


While making Gorilla Hibiscusthe filmmakers soon realized that they needed to consider not only the story they were trying to tell, but how to protect the people who were helping them tell it.


Wall told documentary editor Matthew Carey, During these years of the Trump administration, a lot of non-citizen community activists, people who participated in the films, were being targeted and deported because of their involvement, and so we’re really talking about this issue. I wanted to be careful how we told this story because it’s hard to share.”

Although it was the brutality of the Trump administration’s immigration policies that first inspired him to direct the film, co-director Hershey added that many of those policies have been in effect with the Biden presidency. .


I think the important thing to remember is that it didn’t end when Trump left, and the system remains,” he said. “The system that allowed what’s happening in this movie remains. So until we fix the underlying issues, it doesn’t matter who’s in charge of government because we need to keep families together in a system that keeps everyone safe.”

Check back Wednesday for the panel video.

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