Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. In Trailer 3, Fans Are Ready To Forgive Peter For An Infinity War Moment

Grief and anger are two powerful and sometimes uncontrollable human emotions, and that’s exactly what we saw when Peter Quill found out that Gamora was killed by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War in 2018. Some of the many small details in the Guardians of the Galaxy 3 trailer clearly show Peter’s sincere reaction to tragic situations. Watching Star-Lord’s emotions in key scenes of the video has become a popular pastime at Marvel Studios. subreddit trailer talk page. redditor u/valarpizzaeris noted, “That shot of Peter screaming was definitely somebody’s d*ath scene.” Fan u/Temassy this appraisal followed, stating, “In general, this is the frame that I also came to point out. I have to say, Pratt seems to be doing a good job.”


redditor u/rbrutton III concluded by sharing, “He did a fantastic job. Pretty much every major Marvel actor has done it. An example is the scene in Infinity War where he ruins everything. You hate him for it, but damn if he sells it. The dude still has the ONE thing in the universe he loves and it’s gone…” The fan then pointed out that the film series has always mixed comedy with drama. For Chris Pratt, the actor has always been on the side of those who understand Peter’s emotional fallacy. In a 2020 Twitter post, responding to a fan defending Star-Lord’s actions, Pratt simply tweeted“THANK YOU!!!!”

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