Greg Tarzan Davis talks Top Gun: Maverick

Team Coyote! Greg Tarzan Davis played one of the outstanding recruits in Top Shooter: Maverickand he had a great time filming the action movie sequel with his group of A-List stars.

“This film has brought us together so many times with various events and such, and this is one of the greatest reunions ever,” said 29-year-old Davis. Us weekly on the red carpet of the Golden Globes on Tuesday, January 10, where his colleagues Glen Powell and Jay Ellis were also on hand to celebrate the aviation film.


Top Shooter: Maverick premiered in May 2022, more than 30 years after Tom CruiseX Best shooter was first released. AT MaverickPete “Maverick” Mitchell of Cruise was assigned to train a new group of special recruits for the integral mission. Grey’s Anatomy alum, Miles Teller, Lewis PullmanPowell, 34, and Ellis, 41, all played rookies.

“On camera, I flew the F/A-18…it’s not even on my wish list because I didn’t think it was possible to fly the F/A-18, but we did it,” Davis said. Us of his favorite airplane stunts. “I went through my wishlist, crossed everything off. I did it.”

Before Davis had the opportunity to get into a fighter jet on set, he needed to be as fit as possible to play a recruit.


“It was very intense [because] not only do we have to train to train on different planes… but we also have to train for the beach scene,” the Louisiana native joked. Us, referring to the times he and his co-stars filmed shirtless. “We also had to get sexy for the beach scene. So it was a lot of starvation, a lot of anger, a lot of testosterone, just a wild run, like, “I need food.” So once we finished filming the beach scene, we were just eating.”

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After Top Shooter: Maverick2022 edition, Davis and his colleagues often shared their best bromances on the red carpet and on social media. “I mean, everyone was so wonderful. It was one of [the] the first films I ever acted in, Mission: Impossible – Paying for Death, Part One the actor said on Tuesday. “And you have this idea: “Oh, they will be evil? Are they going to be a family for everyone? And I love them very much”.

One of the methods, Maverick the stars stayed by their side through an active but secretive group chat.


“Of course we have Best shooter Group chat!” Davis said Us. “I can’t tell you what’s going on there, but it’s very much like, ‘Oh my God, I can’t wait to see you tomorrow’, ‘I can’t wait to do this. Can’t be ready to do it. But we still see each other outside. It’s just like being forced to come together [for awards shows]it makes it even better.”

Cruz, 60, is also one of Davis’ close associates. “I texted him goodnight last night and he sent me some kiss face” Call of nature the actor opened up. “And I’m like, ‘Oh, thanks, Tom.’

Top Shooter: Maverick received two Golden Globe nominations for Best Picture – Drama and Best Original Song – Film before Tuesday’s show. While Davis and his colleague Best shooter The newcomers stunned on the red carpet, and as presenters Jerry Maguire the star noticeably missed the awards ceremony.


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