‘Gran Torino’ Producer Double Nickel Vincent Van Gogh’s Sister-In-Law In TV Series –

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Gran Torino Producer Double Nickel Entertainment is making a limited TV series about the life of Vincent Van Gogh’s sister-in-law, Jo Van Gogh Bonger.

Indie has acquired the rights to the script and document. Joe Van Gogh Bonger: The woman who made Vincent famous. And Van Gogh is collaborating with the Vincent van Gogh Museum to tell Bonger’s story.


She was married to Van Gogh’s brother Theo and after the tragic d*ath of her husband Theo when she was only 28, she had no income, a newborn child and hundreds of Van Gogh paintings. The art world at the time scorned Van Gogh’s work, but Van Gogh Bonger challenged it with unwavering dedication and revealed his sister-in-law as the great genius we know today.

“We were so moved by Jo when we read Hans’s book,” said Double Nickel partners Adam Richman and Janet Kahn, “We know audiences will be thrilled by this wonderful feminine tale of passion, love and art. “

The series came after Double Nickel struck a deal with Dutch publisher Prometheus. Michael Taylor as co-executive producer and Russell Shortow as co-producer are attached to the project.

Double Nickel is also producing the upcoming Amazon Studios picture. Burial Starring Jamie Fox* and Tommy Lee Jones. In recent years, the company has expanded its episodic slate in partnership with Sky Studios.


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