Golden Globes And “Top Gov” Reveal Depths Of The Culture Chasm –

In his new ad campaign, former Navy prosecutor Ron DeSantis dons a bespectacled aviator outfit, calls himself “top government” and spoils a dogfight against the liberal mainstream media. Those who disagree with his positions are immediately disinvited from future speeches or press conferences.

Will this strategy appeal to a broad audience or will it limit the Florida governor to a “niche”? The top government has its sights set on the broadest point — the presidency — and has therefore focused its campaign on a political version of cruise control. Says his top communications aide: “We know the media hates us and hates everything we stand for.”


Does DeSantis honestly believe he can unify the Republican Party by becoming even more polarized than Donald Trump was before he was voted in and, as many charged, his unrelentingly hard-line base? The Proudboys and Oathkeeper mobs fueled the attempted overthrow of the government?

His strategy stands in stark contrast to the work of the Golden Globes and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, a dubious institution that for years lacked a single black voter, and a hundred or more other misdeeds. Trying to get out of deportation. Journalists/parasites who are stringers for offshore publications. Given the position of importance with the popular awards, which tend to be more irreverent and fun than the stuffy Oscars, with a heavy vote for the popular awards, these journalists have created a way to supplement modest incomes with extravagant gifts and junkets in spectacular locations. Rep. extended. He held interview sessions in which the big stars were told by awards handlers that they had to attend, often encountering rudeness and personal questions from those people. And former HFPA president Philip Burke reportedly hinted at Brendan Fraser’s bottom – the actor himself used the word “tainted” to describe the exchange. Burke, a 44-year member and president for eight years, was allowed to stay until he refused to be a golden grouper, and was not kicked out until he spoke of Black Lives Matter. Didn’t retweet a message about being a “racist hate group”.

Fraser was nominated for his performance. The wheel, but said he wasn’t showing up, and didn’t. It barely got a mention, but not for Tom Cruise, who was so upset by the HFPA’s misdeeds that he collected and sent back the three Globes he won. During the show earlier this week, host Jarrod Carmichael came out with three awards, saying he had found Cruise’s stash and suggested he pay the ransom for the “safe return of Shelley Miscavige.” She is the rarely seen wife of Scientology leader David Miscavige. It doesn’t matter that many people believe that Cruise turned a moribund with the box office. Top Gun: The Wanderer, after not allowing the film to be sold to streamers during the pandemic. Whether you consider Scientology a form of faith or something else, you wouldn’t have seen Carmichael shoot Fraser on the same grounds as the actor being Jewish.


It’s notable that this was about the only subtle joke told by Carmichael, who mentioned in his monologue that he was chosen as the host “because I’m black.” It probably didn’t hurt that he also recently came out as a gay man. And the $500,000 he said he received was a lure, compared to the $20,000 or more hears Oscar hosts have received.


But that was the weird thing about the Globes, which seemed to set the record straight for people of color to appear and win. Is this course reformed on merit? If it were a “new and improved” HFPA that largely consisted of the same membership as previous years, and now paid $75,000 to people who previously struggled to vote, Hollywood would diversify. He was sincerely encouraged by the benefits of all the efforts being made. In the age of #MeToo, Black Lives Matter, George Floyd and other things that have somewhat leveled the playing field? Or is it simply a desperation on the part of an organization to maintain its primetime berth, relevance and payment for major TV broadcast rights?

Many in the industry remain skeptical of globes. About 27 nominees and several winners stayed home Tuesday night. Ratings were down 25%, not a good result for the HFPA or Todd Boehly for terminating an NBC contract that paid $60 million a year. It’s unlikely that a network or anyone else would pay that much going forward, especially for a sanitized version of the season’s most entertaining awards show, with an attitude of, who cares. Who voted for these awards, the booze flows and hosts like Ricky Gervais and Tina. Fey & Amy Poehler Puncturing the Ego Balloons of Evening Attendees?


Taking a hard turn into the rut doesn’t help Globes as it tries to get out of the forest shed. Back to DeSantis. Will his organization’s radical turn in the other direction also narrow its base and be undermined by a return to the insults and polarized messages that Trump used when he accused the media of lies and evil? Labeled? Florida Governor Joe seemed very eager for Parrot Cruise. most important Seems determined to find out.

For the major media, DeSantis has emerged as Trump’s key rival. It has built a powerful constituency in Florida, with followers signing up to ban books and fuel the culture wars. His press aides have revoked the credentials of CNN or other outlets deemed too liberal. The Disney empire has been criticized for opposing DeSantis’ restrictive proposals, even going as far as revising soft tax legislation.

“We will not allow legacy media outlets in Florida to add to our priorities,” explains DeSantis. Media veterans remember that Trump, while disparaging the press, also cooperated with his media stars, carefully planting favorable stories.

This country has always voted along party lines, but it has never seemed less sincere. In the case of both the Globes and DeSantis, we’re left to wonder what’s in the hearts of those putting on these self-interested shows that seem less than honest in service of one agenda or another.


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