‘Gold Rush’ Parker Schnabel says talking to people is the hardest part of his job

Who you work with can make all the difference. In many jobs, employees probably see their co-workers as often as they see their family, if not more. And if there is a clash of personalities or interpersonal conflicts, all this can complicate the work. Now try to think of this as the hard work of the Gold Rush, and it’s easy to see why Parker Schnabel considered people to be the hardest part of his job. In particular, as he said on redditdealing with people for long hours is the most difficult.


In 2016 interview with MaximSchnabel expanded on this a bit when asked what was the most difficult thing about running a mining business at a young age. “Probably the hardest part was learning to put yourself in other people’s shoes and learn how to deal with landlords, suppliers and, most importantly, our employees,” Schnabel told Maksim. Throughout the seasons of The Gold Rush, fans have witnessed Schnabel trying to deal with the rest of the Gold Rush cast and crew. And, unfortunately, it doesn’t always end well. Schnabel fought in some of the biggest Gold Rush fights. Some of these battles included conflicts with some of his employees. However, these on-screen incidents have been the cause of some explosive reality show moments.

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