Get to know Broadway star and singer Shoshana Bean with these 10 fun facts! (Unique)

Shoshanna Bean is a Broadway star and Billboard #1 recording artist who is bringing her annual holiday concert back to Los Angeles this year!


In 2020, when music venues were closed due to the pandemic, Shoshan Reach a global audience with a live-streamed version of her holiday show. Now, viewers can re-experience the show live and in person.

After a successful night at the Apollo Theater in New York City earlier this week, Shoshan will perform it sing your hallelujah Show at the Emmanuel Presbyterian Cathedral in Los Angeles this weekend.

in the world of theatre, Shoshan Known for playing Alphaba in Broadway Devil More recently, Jenna in Broadway Waitress,

learn more about Shoshan With 10 Fun Facts Below:

  1. I’m building a women’s golf clothing line with my cousin.
  2. I spend most of my free time riding horses.
  3. I chew on the inner part of my lips when I’m worried.
  4. i sang backup Michael Jackson,
  5. I prefer a night out over a night out.

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  1. I kept the original demo of “This Is Me” the greatest showman,
  2. I hate karaoke.
  3. I love baking… During the lockdown, I prepared my own version of the leaven cookie recipe.
  4. I am addicted to bubble bath.
  5. I am a foster failure! During the lockdown, I kept one of the 5 puppies I had.

Shoshan Emmanuel will perform at Presbyterian Cathedral in Los Angeles on Saturday (December 18). get your tickets now,


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