George Fox manages to remove Katherine and Sarah’s rivalry from the CSI script

CSI star Jorja Fox revealed in a 2007 interview that she was able to successfully film a proposed rivalry storyline between her CSI co-stars, namely between her character Sarah Sidle and Katherine Willows, played by Marg Helgenberger. Fox said she had discussed a potential rivalry between her and Helgenberger, and they decided they didn’t want the only two women on the main roster to constantly squabble with each other.


“They immediately started with the fact that we will fight and that this theme will run throughout the show. Marg and I talked about it, and we both felt that since we were the only women on the show at the time, to have [us] fighting each other and fighting for position was an area in which we hoped that [we didn’t have] go, she said pop girls in 2007.

According to Fox in the same interview, compromise was common on the set of CSI, despite the typical pressing demands of making a web drama. The actress said that even on set, the actors, director, and writers could discuss scenes. “If we can walk away and talk for a few minutes, all four people will come out with a great solution, which can be very different from what each person individually wanted, so it’s very interesting,” she said.


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