Gemma Collins shows off a HUGE Christmas tree after claiming she ‘cut down’ to save money

JEMMA Collins has been showing off her huge Christmas tree after claiming she ‘cut’ it down to save money.

The 41-year-old said on her GC podcast she “doesn’t feel like Christmas” amid the pressure of the cost-of-living crisis.



Gemma Collins with fiance Rami1 credit
She showed fans her incredible Christmas tree.


She showed fans her incredible Christmas tree.1 credit

The star told her fans, “I should just talk about one thing that’s going on. I don’t feel like Christmas. I don’t know why I don’t feel like Christmas.

“I watched Christmas movies, ate mince pies, and even put in my phone for Santa Claus to call me. I did it all.”

Gemma also admitted that she feels this way about the cost of living crisis that the star has spoken about in the past on her podcast.

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She added: “I put a lot of pressure on myself to feel like Christmas, but at the end of the day there is a lot going on.

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“The Cost of Living Crisis and the Rise of Human Electricity”.

The reality TV millionaire star told fans to stop giving gifts this year and instead help those in need.

She also decided to keep things simple this year in order to be a bit more cost-effective.

In 2021, Gemma went above and beyond to make sure everyone has a brilliant Christmas.


She transformed her £1.3million Ess*x mansion to include a huge Christmas tree and fairy lights.

But the former Towie star decided not to do so this year.

She continued on her podcast, “I usually light up my house like I do The Grinch, but even this year I have reduced the amount of light.

“I just feel like there’s a vibe to the atmosphere and it doesn’t feel like Christmas.

“Usually I’m Mrs. Santa Claus and I love everything to do with Christmas, but this year it’s different.


“There is so much going on around where people can’t pay their bills and their mortgages have gone up. This year it seems wrong to have a grand Christmas.

“I hope that the spirit will penetrate me too, because there are two weeks left until Christmas.”

Eager to help others, the reality TV favorite also revealed how she’s ready to help out this holiday season.

She continued, “I told my agent that I hope someone who really needs my help introduces himself to me so I can help the family this Christmas.

“I would pay for their heating or even give them the best Christmas dinner of their lives because so many people are fighting for their lives.


“I think it’s about going back to basics and remembering what the Christmas spirit is all about, not just designer gifts and spending tons of money.

“If there are people who feel pressure, just don’t feel the pressure and do something sentimental.”

Gemma said that this year she will give the people in her life a sentimental gift, not something monetary.

She told fans who might be struggling to “take a deep breath” and said it would be “rude” if Christmas wasn’t on the budget this year.

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Gemma shared: “I don’t want to have extra waste in the house. I’ve cut down on decorations and haven’t bought any Christmas food or chocolate yet.

“As for the turkeys, let’s have a Christmas without a turkey, because no one wants to kill turkeys, so let’s let them go and be free.”

Gemma said that this year she will give the people in her life a sentimental gift.


Gemma said that this year she will give the people in her life a sentimental gift.1 credit

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