Garrett Hedlund explains the dizzying process that brought Taylor Sheridan to King Tusla

During a recent interview with ColliderGarrett Hedlund (who plays an addicted bull rider named Mitch Keller) described the incredible pace at which “King of Tulsa” was made, from Taylor Sheridan’s pre-meeting with Sylvester Stallone to the studio pitch.


“That he and Sly were sitting [and] talk about doing something like this. Two days, 40 minutes later, Taylor told David Glasser the story,” Hedlund explained. The next morning he told how the story ends. He had the script two days later. The next day they took it to the studio and sold the idea. That’s who Taylor is. That’s how it works, that’s how it works.” Hedlund described how this incredibly fast schedule is a great indication of why Sheridan’s work is so popular because it embodies the same strong determination that he brings to every aspect of his life.

Whatever the true reason for King of Tulsa’s appeal, it’s undeniably impressive that Taylor Sheridan was apparently able to create the entire show in about six days, which makes the incredible success of King of Tulsa all the more delightful.


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