Funny and relatable everyday life comics by this artist (45 photos)

We think it’s fair to say that being an adult is no easy task, and although adults have a lot of responsibilities and other less important things to worry about, it doesn’t mean that their lives are completely uneven. Indian comedian Abby Waingankar is a good example of this.

Emby creates funny yet relatable comics about her everyday life, experiences, long distance relationships with her mother and even her boyfriend. Wainganker has been creating comics for over four years and has garnered over 129k Instagram followers.


If you want to see her colorful comics, think no further and just scroll down!

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given a chance, bored panda Contacted Ambrata, the author of “Ambie Draw” comics with a few questions. First, we asked the artist if she had any life-changing influences that may have helped her with her art and art style in general, when it comes to her comics.

“I have always been doodling for as long as I can remember (be it newspapers or textbooks) if I had a pen/pencil and some paper… I would subconsciously doodle (a 10 rupee note with a weird cow doodle) Somewhere in the world on this thanks to me), and when you do something that’s long, you somehow develop your own style. I guess that’s with what I know I jumped in and it started working.


Art, in any form, takes a lot of time not only to practice but also to create, so we asked Embi how long it takes her to completely finish her comics.

“I don’t have a set time. If I don’t get distracted by snacks, maybe 2-4 hours. But I also procrastinate like it’s my religion, so I pull it over 2 days, and it helps.” Doesn’t mean that inspiration hits me usually like 3 o’clock.

The fastest comic I did was when my follower challenged me to make a pizza and a comic about making that pizza in 1 hour (it’s in my story highlights).


Being an artist is not easy, one can easily face lack of motivation, burnout etc., so we wanted to ask the artist about his ideas for comics.

“My messy life is a big inspiration for my comics. The characters are real people who are closest to me. Most of my comics are about things I’ve experienced or things I know are about to happen to me. “Looking at my bad luck. I think that’s why I have my followers because they’re related … and they know me well by now.”


As we mentioned before, sometimes creative work can cause quite a bit of irritation, so we asked the artist how she deals with it.

“Yes. Making comics is my therapy, but when I suffer from an art block, it can be very frustrating because it’s a big part of life now and it feels ‘not normal,’ but I love making comics.” Really. When I find a good comic idea, I get so excited that I’ll start right away, even if it’s 3 a.m. It’s fun for me!”

We also asked the artist how people reacted to his work.

“Over the years I have had the best followers who support my work and I think we have a great relationship. Some of his comments are funnier than my comics and always make me laugh. I thank my followers I leave the bonus panel because I have something extra for them (only those who follow me know how to scroll to the end).

Although I had some bad experiences and crazy haters when I started back in 2017, I even considered pausing my page, but I loved making comics for him. Now I don’t pay attention to hate. It’s a part of the gig.”

The creative process isn’t easy, but it has many enjoyable parts shared by the artist.

“The actual ‘drawing part.’ I love watching it come to life and when I’m actually drawing I get a lot of ideas, like ideas to improve the comic or alternate endings or a completely new comic altogether.

Also, I like to make comics related to my mother’s character. They’re my favorites, even though they’re mostly for roasting me *crying emoji*. ,

We also asked about the inspiration behind Amby’s Instagram account.

“Believe it or not, one of my exes suggested I should do it. He’s only done one useful thing, if you ask me *wink*.”

Digital art and art, in general, is not easy and requires a lot of patience, time, resources and in most cases even money, so we wanted to know how the talented comedian started his career in digital art .

“I’ve never learned art professionally, so I didn’t have access to all the different mediums. When I started making comics in 2017, I drew on paper with a pen and then posted the picture. After a while , I found an app and used it to make comics with my fingers on my smartphone. I used it for a good year and got a lot of followers. That’s when I saw it going somewhere so I invested in a tablet. I think anyone interested can do it. You don’t need fancy gadgets.”

Artists are inspired by many things such as curiosity, the pursuit of beauty, or even meaning. So we asked Amby about that too.

“I wish it was something deeper like beauty or love or a glorified vision. But I do it because it makes me happy. I just enjoy making comics and I like to have fun with my characters. It’s my therapy.” And it makes people laugh and relate, so it’s a cute bonus.”


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