Front Row Takes MENA rights for Red Sea prize winner ‘Within Sand’ –

Dubai-based distributor Front Row Filmed Entertainment has acquired all MENA rights to the Saudi Arabian drama. In the sandwhich was the winner of the Jury Prize at the second Red Sea International Film Festival earlier this month.

Front Row will release the film theatrically in Saudi Arabia in the first quarter of 2023 under the Arabia label, a joint venture with leading local exhibitor Muvi Cinemas.


Gorgeously shot, the desert epic revolves around a young tobacco merchant who gets separated from his trading caravan and rushes home to his village, where his wife is about to have their first child.

Traveling alone, he is ambushed by thieves who leave him for dead. His journey becomes a quest for survival in the wilderness with the added threat of a wolf stalking his footsteps.

The drama is the debut film of Saudi filmmaker Mu Al Tawi and features an all-Saudi cast led by Raed Al Shamri, Adwa Fahd, Mohind Al Saleh, Fatima Al Sharif and Obaid Al Udani.


In the sand It was the first Saudi Arabian feature to be shot in the country’s burgeoning new megacity and shooting location, NEOM, which is also a production partner with Riyadh-based production company Alsarid Films and the Saudi Film Commission.


To make the production as authentic as possible, the filmmaker brought a real-life wolf to the set.

“We are delighted to be working with him. In the sand team for the release of the film,” said Front Row CEO Gianluca Chakra.


“We are eager to support young Saudi filmmakers and In the sand A prime example of the quality of work they can deliver. It is a visually stunning work that deserves to be seen on the big screen.

Producer Reem Alatavi noted this fact. In the sand It is one of the first indigenous films set against the bygone world of Saudi Arabia’s camel caravans and desert lifestyle.

“This is what I am sure will be the main attraction for the local audience and people around the world as well. When the film premiered at Red CFF, we were delighted with the response from the local audience,” he said. .

“They felt connected to the film through the authentic details, dialect and realistic wording. It has been an exciting journey spanning over three years, and we are delighted to collaborate with Front Row to The work that has been done over the years should be brought to an audience across the MENA region.”


In the sand Front Row joins a growing number of feature titles from Saudi Arabia on its MENA slate, including the recently released Telfaz 11-produced drama Wrestling World. Sitar Also 2021 action thriller Route 10 and the following document Blue SpiritAl Hilal football team who are rumored to be on the verge of signing Cristiano Ronaldo.

Includes recent releases from outside the MENA region. The worst person in the world, Future crimes, Son and anime hits One Piece Movie: Red.


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