Fremantle Buys Israeli ‘Shadow Of Truth’ Producer Silvio Productions –

Fremantle has acquired a majority stake in Israeli producer Silvio Productions and owned by Fremantle. Schitzel Guy Hamiri of Andy Abbott Hamiri will be the chair.

Along with Fremantle Group COO/Continental Europe CEO Andrea Scrusati, Hameri spearheaded the deal and Silvio founders Yotam Gundelman and Mika Taymor will report to him, with the two indies working together.


The move is the latest in Fremantle M&A activity and the RTL-owned super indie’s second in Israel, following the 2016 Abot Hameiri deal, which was extended to a 100% stake in 2021.

Silvio Hot 8 is best known for the True Crime doc series. The shadow of truthwhich was picked up globally by Netflix and examined the mysterious m*rder case of an Israeli girl who was m*rdered in her high school restroom, along with Showtime’s Emmy nomination. buried. A new season of The shadow of truth In production as well as mine. 1948 And yes robbers Day and a half.

The acquisition is part of Fremantle’s effort to “expand our global documentary capabilities” under Mindy Chang, according to Scrosati, who noted Silvio’s “proven track record and great pride in his filmmaking and storytelling.” appreciated

Hamiri said Silvio’s shows “connect not only with local audiences, but importantly globally, recognized by international outlets,” while Silvio’s Gendelman and Taymor called the move “a unique opportunity.” ” declared.


Fremantle has been averaging about one acquisition a week in recent months as the company seeks to meet RTL’s revenue target of €3B ($3.1B) by 2025.

Recent purchases include high ratings. 9/11: A Day in America Producer 72 Films, British natural history firm Wildstar Films, common people Indie Element Pictures and veteran Italian outfit Luxwide.

European M&A is moving at such a pace that three deals were announced in one morning last week.


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