Former Kanye West bodyguard Steve Stanulis claims troubled rapper ‘absolutely needs rehab’ ahead of candid documentary

Kanye West’s former bodyguard said the troubled rapper “absolutely needs rehab” in an exclusive interview with The US Sun.

Steve Stanulis, who worked as Ye’s bodyguard in 2016, is gearing up for the premiere of his documentary 15 Days with Kanye.



Steve Stanulis worked as Kanye’s bodyguard for 15 days in 2016.Credit: Wagner Az / TYJA / AKM-GSI
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Steve’s documentary “15 Days with Kanye” will premiere at NYCIFF 2023.1 credit
Steve claims that Kanye West "absolutely in need of rehab" in an interview with the American Sun


Steve claims Kanye West “absolutely needs rehab” in an interview with The US Sun.1 credit

“He absolutely needs rehab,” Steve, 51, told The US Sun.

“When you yell at people at the top of their lungs because they wear printed shirts and say prints distract you artistically and you get rid of [those people].

“Or if someone tries to help you and touches you, and you take off on them and shoot them two seconds later, when all they were trying to do was help you… The answer is yes, there are some problems.”


Steve continued: “I mean he is clearly isolating or even more by saying what he says. Obviously with all this anti-Semitic stuff now and all this sponsored stuff, you know, it’s self-destructive. – destructive mode.


This isn’t the first time Kanye’s former bodyguard has talked about working with Kim Kardashian’s ex.

He shed light on Kanye’s job as chief of security back in May 2020 while talking to various media outlets.


This led Kanye, 45, and Kim, 42, to threaten him with a $10 million lawsuit for violating an NDA that Steve claimed was never signed.

The former NYPD officer says Kanye never sued, though he gave him a cease and desist. After all this, Steve finally got the $3,800 he was owed for his work for Ye.

The US Sun has reached out to Kanye’s representatives for comment.

Setting the record right

Fast forward to the present and Steve sat down for an exclusive behind-the-scenes documentary about the controversial artist, directed by John Bianco and produced by Stanulis Films Inc.


“I said, ‘Let me turn to the elephant in the room, you know, tell my version of the story from my point of view, and then no one will have to ask me about it again,'” he said. “You know, every story has three sides. What people want is the truth.”

“There’s nothing defamatory about it, so I was able to do it legally,” Steve added, mentioning that he took every legal precaution to ensure he wasn’t threatened with another lawsuit again.


The document will include locations filmed in New York City that depict instances where Steve witnessed his former employer’s bizarre behavior, from New York Fashion Week and the Gala to the Waldorf Astoria and Madison Square Garden.

“I was known to get fired for trying to flirt with Kim, which was stupid,” Steve said. “I got fired for nothing, but it became a sensation because of my past with Chippendales.”

The father of three denies any romance between him and Kim and maintains his past claims that he was a “professional” on the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star, although he considers her “amazing” and that “anyone would be lucky to be with her.” “.

“It was clickbait. But the thing is, everything I’ve ever done was a pro,” Steve, who is married to Lisa Stanulis, told The US Sun.

“When I first met Kim, you know, I was supposed to be with her. So when she first came into the studio, I said, “Hey Kim, I just want to introduce myself. My name is Steve. safety.’

“Within the first five minutes I was reprimanded, taken aside and told, ‘Don’t talk to Kim.


Kanye and Kim officially finalized their divorce at the end of November.

Steve said he was “probably the first to come out” about their strained relationship.

“It’s like I discovered the Titanic,” he said. “I have never seen them hugging, holding hands or anything romantic. You know, even when they were together, they kissed each other goodbye, and I don’t mean kissing. you later, hyung. I have never seen any affection.”

He continued, “I just thought it was weird. Sometimes I was with them for 17-18 hours a day, and she did her thing, and then he did his thing.

Founder of Stanulis Films Inc. claimed to have only seen Kim “maybe four or five of those [15] days.”

When Kim filed for divorce in February 2021, Steve says he “wasn’t surprised” because he knew Kanye “had some issues.”

“I didn’t know how terrible and how much again,” said the director of the 5th district. “But I got out of it [gig] saying, “I couldn’t handle it every day.”

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15 Days with Kanye will premiere on January 19 at the 2023 New York International Film Festival.

Check out the exclusive trailer trailer in the video above.

Steve witnessed Kim Kardashian and Kanye's strained relationship during events like the Met Gala.


Steve witnessed Kim Kardashian and Kanye’s strained relationship during events like the Met Gala.1 credit
Steve tells it all in his documentary, which premieres January 19 in New York.


Steve tells it all in his documentary, which premieres January 19 in New York.Credit: Steve Stanulis Films.

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