For half a year, Piyogi ate in the restaurant in front of the mafia, people started sharing the experience

There is something captivating about Mafia movies, series, or other forms of Mafia-themed entertainment. It shows the taboo side of life which not many of us see due to its illegal nature. But these shows and movies (and everything else) are more or less based on reality.

And people on Tumblr have been sharing some stories from said reality. Specifically, they are discussing crime fronts, mostly in restaurants, and what their experience has been with them, how they became suspicious or found out, and what didn’t.


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Restaurants Are So Common We Don’t Really Care If It Might Be Part Of An Underworld Operation

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So, a while back, Tumblr user Prokopetz share Something real happened to him. For about 6 months, he had been frequenting a restaurant that had something different from the world pierogi, Oddly, the place was quite empty most of the times, with the most people visited by Prokopetz at 5 (him included). Furthermore, the staff there often referred to him as Mr. Prokopetz, as opposed to the real name, which he always thought was a gimmick.


For a day he went down there and saw that it was closed forever. After a while, they also learn that the owners have been arrested. And then it struck him that this was not an ordinary restaurant – it was a crime front for the Ukrainian mafia.

Well, people on Tumblr have been sharing their experiences of culinary establishments that they suspected or knew belonged to a criminal organization.

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image credit: Prokopetz

Well, turns out, this has apparently happened more often than one might think. Several Tamblonians (name suggested striped frog, but, really, what do you call Tumblr users, anyway?) shared their crime stories, which were for the most part, but certainly not limited to, restaurants.

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tumblr users to love yourself Shared how they lived in a city filled with half-timbered restaurants that never went out of business because import and export was the “thing” of it.

And it might be a bit strange to think that, but it’s not uncommon to run into a crime-lord-run joint, as pointed out by several others.


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Another Tamblonian, cat-77, told of a corner store and deli that everyone knew about, but no one really cared because they took care of themselves. One night a Tumblr user was harassed on the way home, and things went wrong. Since they had previously recommended this particular deli to someone, the deli’s people “took care” of this security issue in the neighborhood.

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After a handful of crime front restaurant stories, a tumblonian shares how his local neighborhood Hapkido Matrial Arts studio was actually a crime front

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A few stories later, maybe-voldemort The chat entered and the whole restaurant dynamic changed with a rather detailed story of a crime front in a Hapkido martial arts studio in a small and quaint Canadian town, run by an old Korean gentleman who frequents visitors, Korea. received friends. ‘ I will also do a little cameo and teach in the studio.

Well, it all escalated really fast when the martial arts teacher was teaching a group of students, with the parents all looking through a one-way glass, proud of their kids and enjoying tea there. were taking, and suddenly the door opened, half a dozen policemen stormed the spot.

The teacher books it while everyone else falls to the floor. The teacher is caught, and it is revealed that the studio was a front for smuggling illegal substances out of Korea.

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The long post thread has managed to draw quite a crowd, collecting over 131,000 notes in total. You can see it in the original Tumblr post Here,

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