Fern McCann puts up his Christmas tree after a difficult few weeks

FERNE McCann was spotted putting up a Christmas tree at her Ess*x home after a difficult few weeks.

The former The Only Way Is Ess*x star is at the center of a voice memo controversy after an anonymous Instagram account leaked audio footage of Fern, 32, lashing out at an acid att*ck victim.



Fern faces backlash after voice memo leaked online1 credit
The star said that she put up a Christmas tree


The star said that she put up a Christmas tree1 credit

Earlier this month, Fern apologized to victim Sophie Hall after a voice memo was published in which she called her “ugly”, prompting a huge wave of backlash.

The ITV star confirmed she made the remarks circulated on social media, insisting she said them out of fear.

While Fern has faced some serious backlash from fans over the past two weeks, with many calling for her to be fired from her ITV show, she has shrugged off the drama as she geared up for Christmas.

The mother of one took to her Instagram stories to reveal that she had put up a Christmas tree at her home in Ess*x.

Fern McCann's apology is 'disingenuous', says acid attack victim Sophie Hall
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Fern looked around her living room and saw an impressive tree covered in silver and white decorations.

In addition to the baubles, the Christmas tree was also decorated with bright flashing lights, silver jewels, and artificial snow to freeze the branches.

“She got up, so cozy in our living room,” Fern wrote. “Are we for or against your Christmas tree being put up in November?”

She continued to show off throughout the room, including the two stockings hanging over the fireplace in anticipation of the holiday season.


It’s been a difficult few weeks for Fern, after admitting just days ago that she made the nasty remarks about one of her ex’s victims in an audio message.

Fern’s former partner Arthur Collins is currently serving a 20-year prison sentence for assaulting a nightclub in London in April 2017.

Sophie Hall, one of the 22 injured, was scarred for life.

In a leaked voice memo, Fern was heard taunting Sophie for entering the contest, saying, “She’s an ugly f*cking slut.”

She issued a lengthy apology after the leak and explicitly mentioned Sophie in her statement.


The former Towie star said, “In particular, I want to apologize to Sophie Hall. I don’t think she’s ugly or stupid. She was incredibly brave.”

McCann’s statement said that while she did send the voice memo, she said it was done “out of fear” and said the messages were falsified.

She said: “I know people will have a number of questions about voice messages being made public and supposedly sent by me.

“I feel like I have no other choice but to solve them – to the extent that I can, since there are limitations for me.

“Most importantly, I want to apologize to all the victims of Arthur Collins’ heinous acts in 2017 for having to endure that night and the pain that followed, because this matter has once again become public knowledge.”


She apologized to Sophie in particular and then continued, “Arthur Collins’ crimes have resulted in real victims, so I’m not trying to pose as one of them.

“I can’t say much because there are important and significant litigations that do not allow me to clarify at this stage.

“What I can say is that the voice messages that are being released are being manipulated; edited and taken out of context.

“Even so, I will tell lies and I didn’t believe it, but I did it to protect my family and myself from serious harm and in the face of serious threats.”

Fern also showed off her holiday fireplace on Instagram.


Fern also showed off her holiday fireplace on Instagram.1 credit

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