Fed up with inappropriate jokes from female roommate, decides to teach her a comedy lesson

Recently, a woman shared an incident when she was living in a student dormitory during her first years of university.

The Redditor Onelass, who shared Post on the Malicious Compliance subreddit, recounted how “one day I was brushing my teeth as usual and walking out the door of the university.” Suddenly, his roommate came out of his room “with a wolfish grin.”


“‘Onelass, the next time you need to run something electrical in your room, you can just call me!’ At first I didn’t understand, then I got pretty disgusted,” she wrote. It dawned on her that the “thing” the man was referring to was her electric toothbrush.

So the author did what she knew best, and drew some malicious compliance that made the man red as a furnace.

A woman shared a story she told as a student about a boy in a dorm who made a sarcastic comment that made her blush.


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The author later provided some more details about the incident in response to these comments.

Some people reacted further after sharing their experiences.

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