Fans rave about Indiana Jones and possible wink at Han Solo from Dial Of Destiny

In a fraction of a second, the cutscene shows the pilot looking out a round window with distinctive circles of varying sizes. Of course, if you’re a fan of Harrison Ford, it’s got you thinking about his other role as pilot Han Solo looking out the window of his beloved Millennium Falcon. The image of a rogue smuggler looking out the window and jumping into a hyperdrive has become legendary. Even the coloring of the frame is similar to moments from Star Wars. It didn’t take long for fans to flock to social media to express their excitement about the image.


@ArclightPNW tweeted a photo with the caption, “Wink and nod at Han Solo and the MF will love it.” The revelation prompted several comments, which excitedly indicated they would recognize the iconic image. @naaman posted the same photo and joked about the predictability of Han Solo always having to rush to save Indiana Jones, which of course won’t happen. But dreaming is fun. Finally, @DrOho shared the trailer with the caption, “New Indy trailer! Includes a very cheeky moment with Han Solo…” On Reddit, you/squi993 made the statement that “the Millennium Falcon scene was the best part of the trailer.”

While there was a lot to see during this clip, the moment of calling in another iconic character, Harrison Ford, seemed to do exactly what an outdated sequel should do and elicit viewer nostalgia. But the question remains, will Indiana Jones and the Dial of Doom be enough to overcome the latest sequel and fan controversy?


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