Fans of the resident character arc can’t stand it

Barrett Kane may have taken steps to improve himself in season 4 of The Abode, but Reddit users on medical drama subreddit seem indifferent to its arch. u / Kasthe1st started the conversation by writing: “I hate Cain and was actually happy that he had a terrible car accident because it meant he would disappear from my TV screen.”


Several other fans joined in to share their contempt for Cain. Considering his actions contribute to the infection and d*ath of an ER paramedic in Season 3, it’s understandable where they came from. u/ofstoriesandsongs said: “Anyway, he got exactly the shade of karma he deserved by his general behavior.”

Some comments also mention his shenanigans to deport Mina Okafor (Shonette Renee Wilson) after she threatens to testify against him on the show. Cain tried to undo it, but when you/notgrass87 says “He did a lot of bad sh*t and can’t just make up for it with this redemption arc.” According to fans, the character simply doesn’t do enough to deserve forgiveness for his terrible actions.


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