Fans of the 70s show can’t wait to see what Fes is up to in the 90s

BUT mail on this “That ’90s Show” subreddit with a screenshot from Wilmer Valderrama’s film. Instagram made fans think wildly about what Fez can do in the digital age. The picture shows the script cover of “That ’90s Show” with a label attached to it with his name and Fez’s name.


“I call it now, he’s some kind of musician,” said you / aliens4. This is not a far-fetched career option, as Fez did show some musical ability during the show and was a remarkably skilled disco dancer.

Other fans think that Fez may have stayed with the job he had when That ’70s Show ended: hairdressing. They even think that he could climb the corporate ladder and buy his own establishment. “Chez Fez sounds good” – Reddit user. you / nepheomatheo said. Fez did show some talent as a stylist and even managed to go from being a shampoo boy in a salon to a real mane clipper, so such a move would be appropriate.

Another fan had an unorthodox suggestion about his future. “I wish he had a candy store, but maybe that’s none of his business,” he said. u/hpspnmaghpspnmag. It would definitely be an unusual choice, but not too uncharacteristic since he had a sweet tooth. Fans will have to wait until January 2023 to find out where the ’90s took their beloved Wisconsin team – and whether Fez’s character has aged better than we think over the years.


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