Fans of Shark Tank shared their frankly honest opinion about the live broadcast

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The live broadcast began with an arena-style sharks performance fueled by the audience, with an on-air announcer pumping up the crowd for each of the band members. Then it came to the first step. A couple selling compostable underwear took to the stage and their backstory was presented in a pre-produced video showcasing their company and family.


The audience cheered wildly for the sharks and entrepreneurs throughout the episode, which many felt was distracting. “Applause for everything is so annoying,” Redditor said. you/wakematt. The live audience wasn’t the only distraction on the usually formulaic show; sharks would also be guilty of talking to each other quite often. Thus, with the sharks talking to each other and the audience making noise, it becomes difficult to quickly follow what is happening. “These screams at each other are so dirty. The audience makes everything even worse, ”complained you/la_58.

Not much good has been said about the live broadcast, and the only person to receive any praise was someone you’ve probably never heard or seen before: announcer Phil Crowley. At least the announcer was really good live lol u / Firebird12301. redditor u/__SerenitybyJan__ agreed, writing, “He was the best and possibly the only redeeming part of the episode.”

But even though Crowley gave a good performance at the live premiere, it wasn’t enough to win over fans. “What the hell am I watching?” u/Uehm askedto whom u/No2reddiuser deftly replied: “The shark jumps by itself.” It is probably safe to say that this experiment should not be repeated.


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