Fans of Katie Price say the same thing about the glamor model as she shows off her bandaged boobs after her 16th surgery.

Katie Price caused fear after she left the house with her new boobs bandaged after going under the knife.

Fans of the mom-of-five have sent messages of support, saying they are ‘worried’ about her surgical ‘addiction’.



Katie Price showed off the results of her latest breast augmentation surgery.1 credit
Reality TV star scared fans


Reality TV star scared fans1 credit
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Those who look up to her are concerned about her surgical “addiction”1 credit

Katy recently had her 16th breast augmentation in Belgium.

She was seen out for a walk today wearing sickly looking bandages and a low-cut black top.

The images shocked fans, with many concerned that Katy was using the surgery to take her mind off her problems.


Kristen Bell Tattoos has reached out to Katy for comment.

Katie Price's painful-looking bandaged breasts after her 'largest' breast augmentation ever
Katie Price strips for naughty OnlyFans pics and promises fans 'new content'

One fan said: “When someone is constantly or repeatedly undergoing cosmetic surgery, they should be referred to a mental health team if they are clearly insecure/body dysmorphic or addicted to it.”

Another added: “Kathy wasn’t that bad from the start, at one time she thought she only needed 1 operation, now she thinks she needs an operation once a year, probably because of all the operations she endured.

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hopefully she gets some kind of treatment or something to put an end to all cosmetic surgery.”

Someone else was worried: “Why, why, Cathy. Now it looks like self-harm.

What an example she sets for her girls. What do you have to do all this to feel beautiful. It’s worth it?”

Another wrote: “I feel very sorry for her, I think she has a dimorphic body disorder.”


Someone else asked, “I don’t understand how people around her don’t see that she has mental problems and that these constant surgeries are abnormal or rational.

“I’m not a fan, and like many, I’m sick of seeing and hearing about her, but she needs some serious help.”


Others were concerned about health issues that could arise from her mission to create “the biggest breasts in Britain”.

A fan asked, “Doesn’t she realize she’s going to have back problems later in life!?”

Someone else suspected: “She will reduce them within 6 months due to back pain.”

Another insisted: “She needs to stop now, even her surgeon said that if she put more weight on her legs, she could become paralyzed.”

Despite being brave lately, Katie has survived another hell of a year.

She broke up with her fiancé, Carl Woods, claiming she was cheating on him.

This came after she escaped jail after flipping her car in an accident and admitting to drunk driving while being disqualified.

Katy was pictured wearing a tight black top that showed her painful bandages.

She looked at her vast holdings, which are believed to have been enlarged into massive 2120 CC implants.

The glamor model showed no signs that her new breasts were slowing her down as she went for a walk between Christmas and New Years.

Before flying to Belgium to go under the knife, a source told us: “Kathy is getting massive 2120 CC implants.

“She wants to have the biggest breasts in the country and that will definitely help her achieve that goal.”

The mom-of-five got her first cosmetic procedure back in 1998 when she had a breast augmentation that took her from a B cup to a C cup.

Katie Price showed her bandaged breasts after the last operation


Katie Price showed her bandaged breasts after the last operation1 credit
Reality TV star wants to have the biggest breasts in Britain


Reality TV star wants to have the biggest breasts in Britain1 credit
She showed her breasts for the first time since she went under the knife


She showed her breasts for the first time since she went under the knife1 credit
Katie looked impressed with the results of her surgery.


Katie looked impressed with the results of her surgery.1 credit
Katie wore boots after she broke her leg two years ago


Katie wore boots after she broke her leg two years ago1 credit

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