Family yells at angry son’s girlfriend to get out of car after dad ignores her plea to turn off “full self-driving”

Having a car is a gift to anyone living in a country with a land area larger than the maximum number of pieces a Minecraft engine can produce… wait for it…”[…] The world of Minecraft can potentially expand. 60 million meters or five times the diameter of the Earth. … Yeah, looks good.

Anywho, driving that distance is much better than walking, so thank god for cars. But don’t thank God for self-driving cars just yet, as although novel and exciting, they’re not yet at the point where they can ensure you won’t regret driving home. . At least in Tesla’s case, anyway, according to this one story.


A Redditor was recently called out, and not taken seriously, when the car’s driver specifically asked not to use the full self-driving (FSD) mode on his Tesla. As if his request was a kind of courage. Or the driver was very proud of it. Anyway, the story is now on r/AITA.

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Not everyone is excited about self-driving cars, but that’s mostly because the tech still has a ways to go before it’s perfect.


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The story goes that Redditor u/denisennp was out for a night on the town with her boyfriend and his family. When it was time to go home, they all got into their father’s car, a Tesla, and headed home.

Suddenly, Dad starts a conversation with OP who works as a systems engineer and has a lot of driving tech experience himself. You see, Dad had recently purchased an FSD upgrade, and testosterone and pride were probably coursing through his veins and so he wanted to show it off.


But some people get so excited about it, they forget the reality of things—in fact, they don’t listen to simple requests.


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The driver of the conflict – the father – bought an FSD and tried to demonstrate it with a self-driving system engineer on board.


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The OP, being a systems engineer for the same technology, knew the ins and outs, so she politely declined the offer. After a bit of back and forth, Dad was surprised to find that OP wasn’t ready to get in the car if he turned on his latest purchase, so insisted that he turn it on anyway.

Despite the OP’s best efforts and claims that she would leave the car if he turned it on, everyone else in the car tried to laugh it off, apparently thinking it was a joke. It wasn’t like that. And they understood when the OP started yelling, asking to get out because the doors were locked. Dad knocks him out, surprised by the reaction.

And the engineer knew exactly where the technology was – especially with Tesla – he wouldn’t trust his life with it.

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Her boyfriend came in and started calming her down, texting her talking about alcohol, but she wouldn’t even step into an autonomous Tesla, so that wasn’t the problem. Once they all got home it became a problem. In the boyfriend’s eyes, she overreacted despite her father clearly asking her not to turn on the FSD function. And besides, there was laughter – no one took it seriously.

The OP was never given a chance to adequately explain why she was against FSD — something that she Explained In a comment after the post. In short, Tesla’s approach to securing self-driving functionality is placed squarely on the shoulders of the people who buy and use it, versus every other company hiring professionals to mold and shape it.

“This allows them to avoid paying for some routine research and development costs such as safety drivers and live monitoring, and it also eliminates a lot of the testing responsibility. Very As a corporation they pushed new and unreliable technology to their customers,” OP explained in his comment.

No one took her seriously, laughing at her claim that she would leave the car if Dad didn’t turn off the self-driving function.

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And it all turned into this big drama where the boyfriend thought the OP was overreacting to the FSD.

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So, the dilemma was brought up to the r/AITA community, who voted that the OP is not wrong. Many have pointed out that she had every right to say no, especially if it made her feel insecure, that she deserves to be respected and taken seriously (as someone who (but who knows better about tech) and Teslas are just like any other car. – With the potential to cause accidents. Why kill the bear?

Others thought it was just silly to scare people into thinking it was funny, and then try to make it laugh. In some people’s opinion, this was borderline abusive, and the boyfriend didn’t deserve the OP for this behavior in the first place.

Regardless, the post managed to garner 16,600 upvotes (92% positive) along with a handful of Reddit awards, and the engagement resulted in over 2,700 comments from Redditors. You can view the post in its entirety. Here.

Reddit’s comment section took his words seriously, though, as the OP detailed his reasons why he’s against a Tesla-based FSD.

Now, a bit of informative context: Tesla offers different FSD upgrade options depending on people’s pockets. According to the Not A Tesla appTeslas with FSD are already available, but may also be available as a separate upgrade for pre-owned Teslas for $15,000 by September 2022.

Historically, in August 2019, it cost $5,000, but each upgrade adds to the price, and the same upgrade now costs $19,500 in Canada. But if that’s not an option, there are. Membership options Also available for $199 and $99 per month for the basic and enhanced versions, respectively.

People online voted that the woman was entitled to feel the way she did, saying everyone else should be ashamed of themselves.

As far as crash tests and safety stats are concerned. Tesla himself Claims That during the third quarter of 2022, it recorded one crash for every 6.26 million miles in which drivers were using Autopilot. Those who didn’t use tech — it was 1.71 million miles per accident. On the one hand, statistically, it already does better than humans. And that’s what tech is supposed to do, right?

But Forbes reports Of the nearly 400 accidents reported due to partially autonomous driving tech, Tesla was responsible for nearly 70 percent. So, statistically at least, if you’re going to be proud of owning a self-driving car, there are cars that do a much better job driving autonomously in the wild.

Oh, and if that’s not enough, someone has bothered to create a dedicated website that records. Tesla related deaths. So, that’s it.

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