Explanation of the relationship between Wild Bill and his son

It is not uncommon to see different family members working together on the boats featured in Deadly Catch. Examples include brothers Jonathan and Andy Hillstrand of Time Bandit and Keith and Monty Colburn of Wizard. Sometimes family ties span generations, such as father-daughter duo Sig and Mandy Hansen from the Northwest. Another interesting tandem of parents and children is “Wild” Bill Wichrowski and his eldest son Zach Larson.


Larson is the product of Wichrowski’s previous marriage and previously had a distant relationship with his father, which is why he uses his mother’s surname. However, when he joined his father at Cape Caution in start of season 6, their bond grew stronger in front of the fans. When viewers at home are first introduced to Larson, one of Wichrowski’s three children, it’s clear that their relationship was as turbulent as the sea they worked on. But the videotaped interaction between the two caught a great moment when Larson made his father proud.

Misjudging the number of crabs caught, Wichrowski vents his frustration at the inconsistent reporting to his team. However, Larson quickly overcomes the negativity and focuses on fixing the situation. This led to a touching moment when Wichrowski stated on camera, “Zak said we screwed up. I’m proud of him”. After a while, he concluded: “Don’t be the cause of the problem, be the remedy. It’s growing by leaps and bounds.”

While Larson received this praise from his father, as mentioned earlier, this was not always the case.


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