Explanation of the ending of the third season of “Dead to Me”

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The third season introduces Garrett Dillahunt as FBI agent Glen Moranis, an apparently headstrong and brilliant investigator who takes on the m*rder case of Steve Wood after Steve’s body is found buried in the national park (where Jen and Judy buried him in season two). For the most part, he lingers in the background, waiting for another boot to fall. When Jen thinks he took one of her coffee mugs to match her DNA with the one found on Steve’s body, her first unsettling instinct is to kill him by drugging a batch of muffins with painkillers. That moment is a false alarm, but in episode 8, when it turns out that he did to obtain her DNA from a discarded water bottle, Jen shows up in his hotel room with a batch of freshly made biscuits. By the end of the next episode, he is dead.


Coincidence? In episode 10, we hear that the FBI linked Steve and Moranis’ d*aths to the Greek mob, which we saw lingering at the hotel after Jen left, and from whom Steve stole millions of dollars. Of course seems how Jen committed premeditated m*rder – her first since she killed Steve in self-defense – but that’s not the issue the show settles on in its final moments. “At the end of the day, this is not a crime-and-punishment series at heart,” Feldman said. Vulture after the season premiere. “It’s really a show about heartbreak and friendship, so that always helps the story.”

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