Explanation of the ending of “Pinocchio” by Guillermo del Toro

There is another character in the film who undergoes a drastic change thanks to Pinocchio, and his transformation reflects Pinocchio’s own growth. Candlewick is the son of Podesta, a war-obsessed fascist government official who lives in the town of Pinocchio. When the boys first meet, Candlewick takes a cue from his father and acts like a bully towards Pinocchio, going so far as to convince Pinocchio to stick his wooden legs into the fire.


All this changes in the final act of the film. Podesta sends Candlewick to a special military training camp for boys, and he eventually finds a way to get Pinocchio to the camp as well. Podesta is obsessed with using Pinocchio as an immortal soldier, but none of the children are genuinely interested in war.

At training camp, Candlewick confesses to Pinocchio that he just wants his father to be proud of him, and Pinocchio consoles him by telling him that all fathers love their sons, but fathers are still human and don’t always act the way they should. In training, Pinocchio and Candlewick reach a draw, and Podesta orders his son to shoot his new friend. Candlewick refuses, eventually telling his father that he doesn’t need his approval. He and Pinocchio rebel against the camp’s leadership when the b*mbs start to fall.


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