Evolution fans unhappy with outdated FBI storyline

In a Reddit thread about the premiere episodes of Criminal Minds: Evolution, numerous fans pointed out that the bureaucratic threats against the BAU are a Criminal Minds storyline that unfolded earlier during its initial 15-season run on CBS.


“I hate that they are again using the storyline of the FBI director wanting to overthrow the BAU. I’ve lost count of how many of these we’ve had over the years.” – Reddit user. Jess_UY25 published. Thanks, I said the same. I’m like, oh come on, we’ve done this storyline to d*ath.” Winter_Dragonfly_452 agreed. “When they mentioned that I was like here we go again” user 95blackz26 commented. This opinion was supported by other users.

Another complaint that some fans have echoed is the absence of Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler). While most of the original cast returned for the reboot, a few didn’t make it into the frame, including beloved Gubler. Criminal Minds: Evolution showrunner Erica Messer chalked up the notable absence to simple scheduling conflicts, leaving the door open for a return.

“He was working on other projects and a lot of them were lining up during our window. Our filming window was only from August to December 2nd. It was the same with Daniel Henney, who worked on “Wheel of time,” Messer said. Term.



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