‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ The Daniels On How Pic Became Box Office Hit [Podcast] –

Nine months after the world premiere His martial arts fantasy feature Everything everywhere at once To roar the crowd at SXSW and watch it become the highest-grossing specialty title of the year, A24’s best ever, at $70M US/$103M WW, directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Schinert marveled. .

You can listen to our conversation below:


“We like to chase things that feel impossible,” Kwan explains on the latest episode of Crew Call. Can sustain where blockbusters, big franchises become the only success. Recently stories.”

Can Daniels take his love of big action movies and combine it with an idiosyncratic art house style and bring it to a larger audience?


“That was the goal, but we never thought it was achievable,” Kwan said.


As long as it was

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While A24 never experienced modifications. all together everywhere, It wasn’t until a marketing test screening that Daniels began to see the picture’s potential as audiences enjoyed the buttplug fight scene as one of many riotous interludes. It was a night when both the studio and the filmmakers doubled down on the theatrical experience. Kwan said A24 took a hard look at how “marketing isn’t going to make this movie work” but, as Schinnert said, “people are going to talk about it, that’s our best hope.” So the studio organized an aggressive screening program, including ticket sales through special IMAX runs titled like a cinema.


The duo tells us how they needed to lead Michelle Yeoh. Everything everywhere at oncea perfect tribute to that—otherwise it risks becoming a “performance art prank movie,” says Schnert.

“Michelle Yeoh has a gravitas,” Cowan says of how her attachment to Jamie Lee Curtis was drawn to other keys down the line.

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Plus, we talk with Daniels about the acquisition The sack And Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Star Ki Hui returns to the big screen to play the husband of Kuan Yew’s Evelyn Wong and why the actor returned to acting after serving as Bryan Singer’s stunt AD. The X-Men And an AD on Wong Kar Wai 2046. (They needed someone who was gentle, not soft).

Although Everything everywhere at once Beginning its theatrical run in March, it’s still lingering with awards voters. To date, the film has won Best Feature and Supporting Performance for Kwan at the Gotham Awards. He also won the Best Supporting Actor Award at the NY Film Critics Circle, along with eight Independent Spirit Award nominations for the picture, including Best Feature, Director, Performance (Yeoh), Supporting (Curtis and Quan) and Breakthrough Performance (Stephanie). for Hsu) are included.


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