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I apologize in advance for how often I rant about the coat.

Hey, Upper East Siders! welcome to the finals installment About the crappy comments and hilarious jokes about fashion from season 1 gossip Girl reboot. It’s been one hell of a ride, and I couldn’t be happier to have you with me through it all.


So, one last time until Season 2, let’s dive straight into all the looks from Episodes 11 and 12: “You Can’t Take It With Jules” and “Gossip Gone, Girl.”


Wendy’s School Benefit Gown:

hbo max

Guys, I’m at my wits end how ugly these clothes are. It honestly feels like a personal attack at this point. Let’s hope we drop these awesome looks in Season 2!



Kate’s City Cowgirl Look:

hbo max

I don’t know how to explain it, but this sweater just screams “YEEHAW” every time I see it.


Wendy’s sophisticated scheming fit:

hbo max

I think the only reason this outfit is attractive to me is the headband. It’s giving Blake Lively a go to the Met Ball, and I’m here for it.



Obi’s “rugged and down-to-earth” outfit:

hbo max

The bar is too low for men on this show, and Obi is the perfect example.


Donna’s Paisley Dream Coat:

hbo max

I am Mad Dear this coat!! It is long and the pattern is so funky. Ugh, his coat game was actually on lock on this show.


Nick’s packing/going to work look:


hbo max

I just love watching him. what do i mean? Who said this?!


Max’s Sweet Toggle Coat:

hbo max

Between the sweater, bow tie and coat, he looks like an innocent schoolboy. Which is absolutely hilarious.


Julian’s On-The-Day Fit:

hbo max

Nothing I can find in these reviews is how refreshing it is to see black characters, especially black girls, wrap their hair. As someone with super curly hair, it’s always disappointing to see that black women don’t wrap their hair when they go to bed or just wake up. It’s such a small detail, but I really appreciate the show for Julian and Zoya for including it. Plus, that jacket is dope AF.



Shaan’s Streetwear Look:

hbo max

Now is the time for this show to step out of the fancy world of Upper East Side fashion and give us a taste of what people outside Julian’s circle wear.


Julian’s Preppy School Uniform:

hbo max

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: Biker Shorts Aren’t It, Major, However, that coat is incredibly classy, ​​and I love how she’s wearing it.


Zoya’s Cozy Apartment Hunting Fit:

hbo max

I’m such a sucker for tie-dye, especially tie-dye sweaters.


Julianne’s Souper Casual Bar Look:

hbo max

Of course I didn’t get a good picture of it, but the body suit is super cute and the jeans look like Julianne is taking a cue from Zoya’s style.


Julian’s night walk coat:

hbo max

The knit dress underneath is cute too, but this coat is everything. Color, length, I need it.


Heidi’s classy fundraiser dress:

hbo max

They may not have a lot of scenes, but Ms. Heidi certainly made the right impression with this outfit.

1 1

Fun around Luna and Monet:

hbo max

I will never understand how they can both look so effortlessly beautiful.


Punk Rock School Uniform of Pride:

hbo max

Listen, guys, I know I’ve made a few jokes in the past that Constance Billiard’s uniform is basically anything you want, but this one definitely has to be my favorite. It’s so unique and edgy and everything I want to see more of in Season 2.


Zoya’s Pool Day Fit:

hbo max

Once again, Ms. Zoya is not meeting anyone’s standards when it comes to her fashion. While everyone is wearing designer bathing suits, my girl is here in tie-dye shorts and slides. Slide! I couldn’t love him more.


Luna’s Floral Bathing Suit:

hbo max

Between the color on her being absolutely gorgeous and the fact that this suit highlights her incredibly long legs, I think this is my favorite look from the pool scene.


Luna’s Sweet Stay-at-Home Fit:

hbo max

It’s so simple and yet so beautiful???????


Monet’s Revenge Planning Look:

hbo max

By far the best part of this costume is the adorable captain’s hat. Looks like Janet Jackson may have been wearing something in the ’90s.


Camille’s fiery dress moment:

hbo max

Yes, Camille is a monster who has raised a monster, but you can’t deny that De Haan’s shades of red can shake the hell out of it. Talking so that…


Monet’s Rocking Red NYE Dress:

hbo max

i’m not gonna complain Again About the fact that you can’t see it clearly, but that’s okay because Monet looks great!!


Luna’s Cute Lace NYE Gown:

hbo max

My jaw dropped when she walked out of the crowd wearing it. She looks like an angel. she looks like the sexy version of someone little House on the Prairie, Luna La has stolen my heart once again.


Julianne’s Lady Gaga-Esque NYE Look:

hbo max

These are pointy shoulder pads for me. Plus, I love how often she’s worn head stones this season. It’s such a good look of hers.


And finally, Audrey’s little black NYE dress:

hbo max

Well, I’m not going to lie, this surprised me too. This dress is very simple, but it looks amazing on Audrey. In a season where Audrey never really impressed me with her fashion choices, it was such a nice and welcome surprise. Let’s keep this energy going in Season 2!!

And the winner of Season 1’s Best of Fashion is…Luna La!!

hbo max

I mean, are you surprised???

Alas, my dear, our time is over. Thank you so much for joining me on this wonderful journey of fashion. Until next time, XOXO!


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