Editor’s Pick: Halloween Costumes under $40

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Lots to do before October 31st, but not enough time! As of September 1st, I consider my schedule booked until next year – and I don’t even have kids! All too soon, it’s two days before Halloween and you suddenly remember you don’t have a costume. 😱

Don’t panic! Before you give up and search the mall for leftovers, check out the budget-friendly items Amazon has for sale.


You can get most of these costumes within a day or two for a fraction of the price you’d pay for Spirit Halloween or Party City. Quality is also better; You don’t have to spend a lot to change your head. Trust me, these outfits are way better than the cheesy, overpriced accessories you find at the bottom of the box. From funny Children’s clothing To Modern couple clothesThere is Some For everyone on this list.

Blooming into a beautiful Butterfly This Halloween

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It’s the one night of the year you can dress up as anything – that’s what I love and hate most about Halloween. anything There’s a huge pool to choose from, how do I decide? If you find yourself short on clothing the week before, you can get this cute. A pair of butterflies In a few days with the Prime Minister! It also comes with a lacy mask, perfect for your mysterious entrance.

This Skeleton body suit Totally passes the vibe check.

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through Amazon

Forget the itchy wigs, high-maintenance cosplay and uncomfortably tight costumes – this year I want a comfortable Halloween fit. Thankfully, cat suits are hot right now, so this Skelly costume It will be on trend as it is comfortable. You can get it in one to three days with Prime, so don’t sweat it if you wait until the last minute to get ready!

gave Hippie clothes A comfortable classic.

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through Amazon

If you want to bring the good vibes to your annual Halloween work party this year, you have to go as a hippie. I swear, Hippie costume Always wins the costume contest. Don’t forget some peace sign sunshine! ✌️


Dress as Dorothy Gale From The Wizard of Oz

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through Amazon

This dress Great for pet owners! Now you can integrate your emotional support animal with your outfit in the most elegant way. Grab some red shoes, a basket for your fur baby and hit the yellow brick road!

Slip into this cutie. Pre-costume For a magical night

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through Amazon

You know Tinkerbell would absolutely throw some looks (and some shade) at the club if she were life size! I love This dress Because you can turn it up or down as you like. Throw on some elf ears and jewelry for extra woodland fairy vibes!

I love these retro ones. Pink Women’s Jackets!

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Grease is a classic – if you haven’t seen it yet, check it out. gave Pink ladies A group of fun, quirky young ladies who get up to all sorts of mischief with high school bad boys. If you’re a baddie or a vintage lover, this dress will suit your aesthetic.

This Alien abduction suit It’s hilarious

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through Amazon

Did you guys see that some time ago there was a video of this child in which he claimed to have kidnapped himself. clothes? I laughed so hard! 🤣 This is for the class clowns, pin masters and goofballs of the world. Get it in two days with Prime!


Get a loved one. Dino costume For your child

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through Amazon

If he’s obsessed with dinosaurs right now, take advantage before the moment runs out! Your child will be over the moon when they see this. A jumpsuit. Now he can live out his dream of terrorizing everyone as an ancient, deadly hunter.

Videos of kids running in it Unicorn Inflatable Will make you cry with laughter.

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through Amazon

There’s something about seeing these kids walking around in oversized, puffy suits that just sends me wild. Then I saw a video of a little girl running around in it. Unicorn costume, I decided that I wanted children someday. How cute is that. Totally sold!

You can’t go wrong with a Pizza costume

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Now it’s time to prepare the whole family as their favorite snack and go on the truck or treat trail! Babies love to eat everything, so their love is guaranteed. This dress. I love it even more for parents. The outfit is bright and highly visible, making it easy to keep track of your herd as you run in the dark.

It’s time for your daughter’s first mission. Exorcist of ghosts

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through Amazon

If you don’t buy this outfit for your 5-year-old and teach them all of Bill Murray’s awesome one-liners, you’re missing out on one hell of an opportunity. It is quite recognizable, Dress without gender For Halloween! With Ghostbusters: Afterlife premiering in 2021, this fit is relevant enough for even your best tween.

This Light up jumpsuit Keeps cool in stick figures.

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through Amazon

gave 2022 version of the stick figure It’s here and it’s the easiest, cheekiest dress ever. The jinxed balletThe review tells you all you need to know: “My baby loved the dress, and we got 20 or more compliments on it. It’s a one-piece black jumpsuit. It has velcro fasteners on the back. It has a battery-operated remote (takes 2 AA batteries) that fits in a pocket (also sealed with a velcro fastener). My son wears a sweatshirt and sweatpants. Was worth it, but I don’t think the back would fit on a chubby kid. Also, the legs are a pinch long but can be hemmed without affecting the lighting track. Great buy!”


Stick Together Like PB&J

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through Amazon

If you and your partner are crazy about these two classic sandwich ingredients, you’ll definitely want these. Couple costume for the season. Food themed costumes are always fun! You’re guaranteed to get one of two responses: “Oh, so cute!” Or cringe-worthy sandwich pints.

This Loofah and soap robe Always good for a laugh.

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through Amazon

Have you ever wanted to dress up as one? Life size loofah? Me neither, yet! Skip the pranks and “don’t leave the soap” jokes to your husband – we all know the loofah is the real star of the show here. Change costumes until midnight for even funnier results! Bonus points if your child comes as a rubber ducky.

Wigans, it Two pea costumes Your next conversation is about to begin.

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through Amazon

My animal loving staff, This dress It’s a great way to hook unsuspecting house guests. Unless they’re a huge fan, chances are they’ll ask you something like, “What’s a pretty girl like you doing in a fit like that?” To which you might reply, “Two peas in a pod are better than a hen in a cage – don’t you agree?” All you have to do is sit back and wait for them to come to you. Be ruthless, be a warrior.

Poker players will love it. King/Queen of Hearts clothes

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through Amazon

Partying at the cas*no this year? I have found the perfect dress for you! You are with the right crowd, everyone is going to enjoy it. A matching couple outfit. Reviewers say the dress is easy to wear, comfortable to wear while seated and flexible enough to fit any body type/height. Looks like a universal winner!

Nerd Alert – This Switch controller organizations. There are killers!

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Link up with your date for a night of geeky fun! This joycon costumes are highly relatable and creative, perfect for your last minute hangout. You’ve already spent hundreds of dollars on Switch games this year – instead of dropping $100 for two Mario-themed costumes, spend $45 for this matching set!


I would love to see my dentist in it. Toothbrush costume

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Bad toothbrush jokes are coming! This matching toothbrush and toothpaste outfit is exactly the kind of outfit you’d expect to see on Willy Wonka and his dentist dad at the end of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory if they had 2000s dance outros. One of me would have been. In the best case scenario, everyone will remember to brush their teeth after eating sweets every night.

hold this Shark And let the memes begin!

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From Katy Perry’s iconic Super Bowl “Left Shark” to the unfortunately adorable baby shark dance, sharks are never too far away from their next viral hit. Even now, someone on TikTok is planning their next catch-on-cam-style shark dance. If you want to evaluate them, definitely get this. Aquatic disguise for your night on the town.

You won’t get better. Astronaut One Piece For better value

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through Amazon

It is the most comfortable, most budget-friendly. Astronaut Ft I have seen so far on Amazon! Buyer Christina This woman says it saved her day last year: “I bought this for my 2X 7-year-old son, so I thought short legs would be a plus. It fit him well and Once we added the belt, it made a perfect astronaut Halloween costume for her. I couldn’t for the life of my search and original costume in 2X, so she basically saved the day. , and it was cheaper than other original costumes, so I’m very happy with it.”

Prepare with this as your DND character. Unis*x Gnome Costume

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Thankfully, it won’t cost you 50 gold. Only $35 on Amazon! No side quests, magic or rolls required. Your only concern in this quest is finding cold drinks and a quick exit when the party gets too crazy for your inner tastes.

This The walrus Get up has my stamp of approval (sorry, not sorry).

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through Amazon

This is another great find Comfort category. Wherever you go, you’ll be warm, cozy, huggable and laugh-inducing. It’s great for adults who want something casual, kids will love it and it’s appropriate for school. Bonus: It’s machine washable!

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