Early Roles The Downton Abbey Cast Would Like You To Forget

For its feature films, Downton Abbey has added some big names, including actor Hugh Dancy, who has joined the cast of the 2022 film Downton Abbey: A New Era. Dancy, best known for his role as FBI agent Will Graham in the acclaimed prequel series Hannibal, played Jack Barber, an early silent film director who visits Yorkshire Manor. While Dancy can count many high-profile roles in his filmography, he has one he probably doesn’t remember as fondly: the ill-conceived 2006 thriller Basic Instinct 2.


The movie no one was looking forward to, Basic Instinct 2 came, perhaps too early, in an era when outdated sequels weren’t really anything special. In the mid-2000s, the formula for resurrecting more than a decade-old acclaimed films had yet to be devised, and instead of success like Top Gun: Maverick, audiences were met with pale imitations of the classics. erotic thriller. Sharon Stone is back as writer and m*rder suspect Katherine Tramell, who this time is in London and is involved in the d*ath of English footballer Kevin Franks.

Unfortunately, even with Dancy playing reporter Adam Towers, there’s little that can save this rough, sloppily filmed sequel. Without any of the style that made the first movie so memorable, Basic Instinct 2 is nothing more than a bad copy that looks like an uncomfortable adult movie.


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