Early ‘Back to the Future’ Roles: Actors Would Like You to Forget Them

Character actor Mark McClure perhaps best known for playing Jimmy Olsen in Christopher Reeve Clark Kent’s 1978 Superman, its three sequels, and 1984’s Supergirl, and the amiable, emotionless Dave McFly in the first and third Back to the Future films. he is only featured in a deleted scene in Back to the Future Part 2). McClure has also worked in other popular films including Apollo 13, the ’78 and 2003 versions of Freaky Friday and Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and like most actors, he has also appeared in a few stinky movies. …the most fragrant of them is probably “Pandemonium” from 1982.


A parody of slasher films, Pandemonium boasts an impressive pedigree: director Alfred Soule directed the macabre 1976 horror film Alice Sweet Alice, and co-writer Richard Wheatley also helped write the cult classic Rock and Roll High School. It also features some very funny people, including Paul Reubens and fellow Groundlings and Pee-Wee’s Playhouse alums Phil Hartman, Edie McClurg, John Paragon and Lynn Marie Stewart, as well as Carol Kane, Judge Reinhold, David L. Lander and Tom Smothers What it lacks is a funny script or clever direction: Sole seems completely clueless about how to deliver a flurry of Airplane-style jokes, and retains a few amusing visual puns (a series of cheerleaders impaled by one ), the script is dead on arrival.Like most of his castmates, McClure knows how to get around a gag and earns a few chuckles as an impassioned male cheerleader while trying to maintain his dignity at moments like a killer shoving himself pom-pom down the throat.This is the level of nastiness in Pandemonium, so approach it with caution.

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