Drake Gets Necklace With 42 Engagement Ring Diamonds

Drake has become one of the world’s biggest musical artists, selling millions of albums worldwide.

But he seems to have been less successful in his love life.

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We all know it!

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Aubrey Drake Graham, better known by his stage name “Drake”, is a rapper, singer, actor, and producer.

After releasing his debut mixtape titled, Room for improvementhis music career was officially launched.

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And 3 years after his initial release, he began promoting his third mixtape. Gone so far. which saw it become a huge commercial success.

A year later, Drake released his debut album. Thank me laterwhich was nominated for a Grammy.

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Alicia Keys and Kendrick Lamar helped Drake produce the album, which received mainly positive reviews. For a new rapper on the scene, he did well.


Over the next decade, Drake established his legacy in the music industry by releasing banger after banger with most of them hitting the top 10 on every single chart.

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You’ve heard ‘just hold on, we’re going home’, right? This is one of those cool car songs for a summer evening.


But that’s not all!

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A lot of people forget that Drake actually started out as an actor. She did several commercials before landing a permanent role.

In 2001, Drake played a role Degrassi: The Next Generation.

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He was praised for playing a wheelchair basketball star after being shot by a classmate.

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After taking a short break from music to enjoy some free time, he made a sudden comeback to the scene with new tracks, including ‘Kab Kehna Hai Kab’.

But this release caught everyone’s attention. wrong Reasons.

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In the song, there is a lyric that reads: “Baby mama fluke, but I love her for who she is.” Many have said that this line is “disrespectful” and “disrespectful”, as he is saying that having a child with this woman was a mistake.


At least he says he loves her, right?

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He explains how he loves them both unconditionally and has previously expressed how he wants to be a part of his son’s life.

But fans have also targeted her for something else…

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And this is related to one of his Instagram posts.


In 2018, Drake’s father Dennis got a tattoo of his famous son on his arm.

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A Toronto-based artist named Anal Bereskov touched up the tattoo and shared a before-and-after photo on Instagram.

But unfortunately, the original tattoo artist was less than impressed with the tattoo.

Minnie Mike, the tattoo artist behind Dennis’ original ink, revealed the real reason why Drake wasn’t ready to scratch the tattoo…

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He said Dennis was in so much pain at the 4 hour mark that he told Mike to wrap up as soon as possible.

The tattooist recently admitted that Dennis initially liked the piece, until Drake saw it…

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He said: “Once Drake saw that everything changed.”

His star son was quick to repost a picture of him on social media recently, but what he said with the picture left everyone thinking ‘what a son’…

On August 8, Drake posted a photo of himself on Instagram with his dad’s arm inked with the eye-opening caption…

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“I’ve been sitting here wondering why you treat me like family,” he wrote.

Of course, Dennis responded to his son’s hilarious caption.

“Hahaha I had 16 people try to straighten it, they’re hurting me,” he said.

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And added a cute “I love you and miss you” right after.

And aside from this photo, another post by Drake caught the attention of the internet…

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And it seriously made many people question the star’s lavish lifestyle.

Reposting Drake’s Instagram video, in which he showed off his new piece of wrist candy, one Twitter user commented on the appearance of his hands…

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“Drake hands looks like he’s never touched a hurt in his life,” he wrote.

It didn’t take long for it to go viral, with thousands of people retweeting the post, and many throwing their own jokes at the rapper…

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“These are the hands of a French diplomat,” one person wrote. While another person added: “The man held the hands of an heir.”

But this week, Drake has made headlines for another reason.

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She’s shown the Internet her new necklace — with an important meaning.

Necklaces are called “previous engagements”.

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And it contains forty-two diamonds. Allegedly Forty-two times Drake has considered proposing to a girlfriend.

It is made by famous jeweler. Alex Moss.

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And forty-two stones in diamonds count for 351.38 carats.

The diamonds are also set in 18K white gold.

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Drake made his debut in Atlanta last Saturday at Lil Baby’s birthday concert at the State Farm Arena.

What do you think of its new billing?

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