Donald Trump’s NFTs Mocked –

James Austin Johnson returns as Donald Trump Saturday Night Live As the show chose the week’s most mocked subject for its cold open: the former president’s real-life hawking of $99 digital trading cards.

SNL He didn’t have to stray too far from the truth for his satire, not just of Trump’s money, but of the entire world of NFTs, in which people are paying top dollar for items that exist only in a virtual world.


“You can get them for free just by going online and looking them up, I don’t know,” Johnson said as Trump sketched. “Maybe a screenshot but we’d really prefer it if you sent $99.”

Trump offered digital cards depicting himself as a “cowboy.” Or me melting Biden’s ice cream with my giant laser eyes. He then denied that the trading cards were just a new variation on Pokémon, before introducing other images, such as himself crossing the Delaware, into the film. MatrixJack and Rose are playing. Titanicand as Jessica Rabbit.

The sketch also featured Mickey Day as Donald Trump Jr. and Cecily Strong, in their final cold open as one. SNL The regular, girlfriend is played by Kimberly Guilfoyle.


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This meant that the entire Trump family was in trouble.

“These cards are fantastic,” Day as Trump Jr. said. “And a steal? And I know what you’re thinking: $99. You can get two grams for that!”


Trump Jr. then hawks a Christmas CD from Guilfoyle.

“I guarantee you’ll sleep soundly!” Guilfoyle’s shout-out to Strong, a take-off on his appearance at the 2020 Republican National Convention.

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Trump actually videotaped his big announcement, not only offering trading cards but also telling viewers that shoppers would also be entered into a raffle to win prizes, such as Dinner with them. In the sketch, Trump said the card would reward buyers “with a special mystery prize, where you get to pick anything out of this cool box.” The box, of course, is marked as classified.


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The skit featured Trump running down a series-conscious rundown of his Christmas list, beginning with people taking credit for “saying Merry Christmas again.”


“I brought it back because Christmas is so important to Christians and Jews, I think… you’ve been hearing Merry Christmas a lot lately, just like Christmas carol. I was seen by three ghosts last night, including, actually four if you include Epstein. This reference to Jeffrey Epstein drew some oohs from the audience.

“We love Santa, don’t we guys? We love Santa. But not Ron De Santa. We don’t like De Santa that much. After all, his quote Avatar led to the finals, Feliz Navidad.

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