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Donald TrumpA new book from the former U.S. Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, has arrived and it’s spreading some feathers in the former administration.


Meadows writes that Ivanka wanted to gain support from “people of faith” who follow the Trump administration because everyone in the White House was concerned about the growing crowds around the historic building, according to an excerpt from the Religious News Service. Washington Post, With some damage already to the structure, including a broken window and a small fire in the basement, they decided to take action.

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According to Meadows, Ivanka devised a plan and suggested her father “give her address in the Rose Garden as planned, and then take a group of her close associates and advisers to St. Will message. The American people.” Her aim, on paper, seemed an ideal way to handle the situation – it would symbolize that “law and order will prevail” and align Trump voters by sending a “message to the people of faith.” Meadows reveals Donald “loved the idea” He often listened to his daughter’s advice And employees ran around the White House to find the right Bible for Donald. (He chose one not based on his looks, but “the way he felt in his hands.”)

With the Bible in Ivanka’s wallet, the group walked to Lafayette Square after the pastor and demonstrators were repelled by tear gas, clubs, pepper spray and riot shields. US Department of the Interior report on the incident. Although the photo-op was about to take place in the church, when Donald prayed, the group regrouped outside the building when they realized that St. John’s had rode to safety. And that’s when the moment caused by Ivanka happened – Donald, as he poses for the photographers, looks still Keeping the Bible in front of the church. As for Meadows, he was “never prouder to serve under President Trump” while many in religious circles criticized Donald for using the Bible for propaganda. Some may view Ivanka’s moment as a failure, others as a success – but it will always be one of the most iconic moments her father presides over.

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