David Archuleta Gives Powerful Response to Email Claiming Fans Walked Out of His Christmas Concert After He Came Out About Being Queer

David Archuleta spoke out after his manager received an email complaint about a recent Christmas concert where he talked about being queer.

31 year old american idol alum in the middle of it The bigger, the better holiday tour, during which he performs throughout Utah.


He took to social media to report that his manager had received an email complaining that attendees left his show early. David talked about his s*xuality.

Click inside to read David Archuleta’s powerful email response…

An email his manager received mentioned that the show was “an incredible experience”. However, a writer who appears to have been connected to the venue said the evening was ruined. Daviddiscussion of being LGBTQ+.


“I don’t believe this concert was preparation for this to happen,” they wrote. “We have some very upset clients that I [be] deal with today.”


“This tour was not the easiest for me. The way for me to find peace with this is to be open about my journey.” David wrote back. “I am sharing what I thought I had to hide for almost my entire life. Because you think your existence is unacceptable. This kind of thinking is not healthy. So I prefer not to hide it anymore. If I insult others for just saying it’s okay to be who you are and love someone even if it’s the same gender and people leave the show because they’re uncomfortable that I’m sharing my story self acceptance. The person singing these songs on stage was no different from the person at the end of the show.”

The star opened up about her personal struggle with her s*xuality. “2 years ago I thought it would be better to commit suic*de than openly admit it. If you’re more offended by what I say that I like guys than if someone thinks it’s better to kill yourself for the same reason. I want you to think about why this makes you uncomfortable. I want uncomfortable conversations. That is how you gain understanding.”


He also noted that he “didn’t say anything explicit or inappropriate” during the segment.

“If a few dozen people leave, but others remain who need to know that they are not alone in this journey. It’s worth it. I felt that I was alone. I was scared. I thought I didn’t deserve anything good because I’m gay. I hope you understand why I speak openly about this. This is healing. And it helps me not to be ashamed of who I am, as I have been for many years. David wrote. “Thanks to the rest of the hundreds who stayed last night to listen. I know this is not a topic that is usually talked about and it may be uncomfortable for some. Even if it’s a journey that you may not fully understand, it means the world to me that you were still willing to listen.”

“And to all who still follow me on my journey. I am so grateful for you. I hope you continue to support others who are going through the same thing that I recently went through and overcame thanks to people like you who are compassionate and supportive,” he added in the comment section after running out of caption space. . “To repeat what my manager said in response to this letter: I will not apologize for anything I said, no matter how imperfectly I expressed it. I am me. And I will never again apologize for it, as I did many years ago. And I hope you can be yourself shamelessly and lovingly. Wherever you are on your journey.”

Last month Davidraised in the Mormon faith, spoke about his relationship with the religion after coming out.


You can read the email in full and see David Archuleta’s response below…

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