Dave Cullier of Full House recalls the scene that drove him crazy

In an interview with “Today,” Dave Coulier talked about the funniest moments in “Housefull” and named the mixer scene from “The Apartment” as one of his favorites. In this scene, the concrete mixer spills into the kitchen, and Joey, oblivious, listens to the meditation tapes on his headphones. “I don’t usually laugh at myself, but for some reason this particular scene made me laugh really hard,” Coulier said. Apparently, the fans agree with him, as evidenced by all the fans on Reddit who also dropped the scene as possibly the funniest of the series. Fans seem to enjoy it when kitchen windows break for some reason.


In addition to his favorite scene, Coulier also named one of his favorite guest stars from the series. In 2012, Cooler said HuffPost that his favorite guest star on the show was, without a doubt, rock and roll legend Little Richard. “We had a lot [guest stars]but Little Richard was on the show and he was so freakishly weird and funny and sweet and kind – and out of his mind,” Coulier explained. every comment. It was just weird.” Little Richard appeared in the Season 7 episode “Too Little Richard, Too Late” in which Joey runs for PTA President to win Michelle’s arts program back and the rock star agrees to play Joey’s rally.

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